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About Us

the-fam-0027.jpgWhy I Created Sterling Minerals For All Women

I became inspired to create my mineral makeup products that would assist women in restoring the radiant healthy skin of their youth once I began to suffer the pangs of aging and the sun damage I had done to myself over the years.  Plus with my recent diagnosis of Melanoma in January 2015, this strengthened my conviction to help other women not only protect their faces, but to provide an ever growing knowledge base full of information to keep all of their skin healthy and protected.  Hopefully leaving no stone unturned.

Even though it has been my philosophy as an advocate of all things natural and organic when possible, to keep our skin looking young and healthy as long as we can, I didn't know then what we all know today what is required to accomplish this.  Protection from the suns harmful UV Rays, along with free radicals and environmental pollutants we are exposed to daily, is absolutely vital for our skins preservation.  I have always practiced due diligence when focused on scientific research by knowing what goes into and onto our bodies, and how it affects us long term.  This has been a lifestyle for me and my family for more than 30 years.  Holistic and wholesome nutrition combined with natural and organic ingredients in skin care products are key to keeping us healthy and beautiful inside and out. 

My husband and I both suffered from major sun damage which reared it's ugly head as we entered into our 40’s.  It was then our skin treatments began in order to try to correct and erase what years of sunbathing had done to us.  Unfortunately, many skin care products and makeup contained synthetic chemicals which created more discomfort and prolonged my healing time.  Other girlfriends of mine also experienced long term damage from being exposed to years of sun and harsh elements of our environment.  So in dealing with my situation and hearing from other women, I dove in with my "heart and soul" to create products which would soothe and calm problematic skin without further irritation, and share my creation with other women that are going through the same thing.

I consulted with my Dermatologist, Professionals in the Cosmetic Industry, current Clients, and armed with my years of research on Holistic Care, I formulated my own unique mineral makeup line, Sterling Minerals.  After two years of trial and error and product testing, a superior proprietary blend of the 1st and original mineral makeup to offer 3 formulas for specific skin types, was created.  This was the result from utilizing the finest mineral powders combined with skin soothing botanicals… many of which are still used today in the Ancient Art of Ayurveda.

Women wanted an everyday ritual to be simple, painless and fun to use, and with that our Mantra was made...

3 Formulas. One Result. Beautiful Healthy Skin


My journey was far from over however...

I then collaborated with Chemists, Aroma Therapists and Herbalists in order to provide a complimentary skin care line integrating modern science technology with nature's own botanicals which would assist with soothing and calming erythema and help prevent further inflammation and irritation for all skin types.  Upon completion of another year of research and product testing, my new beloved skin care line which I fondly refer to as ONATI, was realized.

back-onati.pngOrganic……Natural……Age-defying……Toning……Invigorating.  The ONATI name I cherish is about more than just what it stands for, because my husband and best friend of over 35 years created the namesake for my innovative skin care line.  Through this love and support from my family to help with my tireless efforts to create this ensemble of skin healthy products, is what I attribute to the success and fulfillment of achieving my dream so I in turn could provide this wonderful skincare to other women.

Sterling Minerals and ONATI Skin Care were created out of a growing need and desire by many women also wishing to stop using irritating, ageing and harsh ingredients on their skin and to assist them with putting their best “Face” forward in whatever their life’s pursuits.  I also wanted to provide products that would reduce down time after a cosmetic procedure or skin treatment from sun damage and to prevent further exacerbation of acne or rosacea.

My commitment is to continue my never ending research into the science of healthy skin and provide truth, integrity, ethics and education to anyone who seeks it.  I will always continue to strive to offer result driven formulas to those who will accept nothing less.

I have also authored all things relating to the beauty industry, and have written countless articles based on peer reviewed scientific research and data.  I extended this research to my customers and for many of our ladies I have become the "go to" resource when wanting to know more about the products we use everyday.  Alongside my colleagues in the science community, I was asked to become a beauty industry expert at Personal Care Truth.  I will always present the "sometimes" inconvenient truth in cosmetic research, yet I will dispel any pseudo science created simply to malign or inflate benefits of some ingredients by those with a target specific marketing agenda.

To all my wonderful ladies who share similar stories……Always exude confidence……Live life to the fullest……Achieve your goals……and let "Sterling Minerals and ONATI" help restore and keep that rose petal softness and lovely glow of youthful, healthy skin we all enjoy.

"A Woman is like a teabag; you never know how strong she is until she gets into hot water."

                                                                                                                                                   ~ Eleanor Roosevelt ~

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