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Natural Organic Lip Lacquer

You will adore these yummy creamy Lip Gloss shades for creating a fresh and pretty new you. Natural moisture intense lip color that smoothes and soothes all day long. How will you ever choose?

Natural Organic, Gluten Free Vegan Lip Gloss Creates Beautiful Moisturized Lips

Sterling Minerals Lip Care Products Offers Our Best Crème Lip Lacquer

You will love the creative glamour of our lip gloss palette. You will enjoy the improved Sterling Minerals Crème Lip Lacquer gloss that provides a 90% organic, thick and creamy texture of saturated color with polished shine. These exquisite shades are enjoyable to wear and provide a youthful flair, making them perfect for any age.

Quench your lips with Sterling Minerals incredible hydrating moisture rich Crème Lip Lacquer gloss formula without feeling tacky or being thin and runny. The lip colors and formula are the final complement to your mineral makeup look and to protect and soothe your lips every time you apply. You will achieve a shade intensity between sheer to opaque depending on the shade you choose. Tickle your fancy with color while savoring the pleasant aroma of delicious pure vanilla planifolia. 

Fragrance sensitive you say? No worries because unlike sickly sweet, perfumed aromas of synthetic fragrance oils in some lip gloss, the subtle vanilla scent dissipates within a few seconds after application.

With a palette selection of 8 yummy lip nourishing shades, you will adore the fresh and soft, pretty new you. The color range of our lip gloss is a variety of natural-looking seductive nudes, to vibrantly ravishing, rivaled only by the incredibly rich jewel tones, which are easily blended to create your own personal shade. These enticing lip gloss colors will make them difficult to resist. How will you ever choose?