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Mineral Makeup Foundation FAQ's


Do You Have A Mineral Makeup Foundation Question?

After reading all of our mineral makeup information, you might be feeling frustrated from the past use of another brand and still have questions about mineral foundation in particular.  Never fear, we are here just for you and to alleviate any concerns you might have. 

How to find the proper mineral makeup shade?  Important to avoid a mask look or causing an aged appearance.

What is the best way to apply mineral powders?  Important for ease of use and to not overwork sensitive skin, and you won't have to with our mineral foundation.

How to get the best coverage?  Vital if dealing with sensitive skin or facial imperfections, such as scarring, acne, psoriasis, post procedure or rosacea.

Troubleshooting question?  Literally the easiest and simplest mineral foundation you'll ever use.  However, you still may not be sure after your questions are answered.  Or maybe you simply wish to know how to create the most youthful appearance.

Etc?  For any and all other questions you might have.

You'll receive continued education, including providing some great video tutorials.  We also will share customer application tips they discovered that worked best for them.  If you have a foundation application technique you think would work well for our many mineral makeup customers, we would LOVE to hear from you also. 

Sharing is the greatest sense of community for women and we look forward to sharing with you.



Do you get confused about how to figure out what mineral makeup foundation shade you should wear?  We know that many brands have their own methods for advising you, but we explain in complete detail how to do this and end the confusion.  We also provide many other answers to the diverse questions surrounding the best choice for your skin tone.

When dealing with specific skin types, many mineral makeup brands fall short in this category.  We understand this and it is why we pursued creating the first and only mineral makeup brand that addresses the different skin types most women have. 

Some women have asked us if we intend to ever make pressed powders in mineral makeup and most didn't even realize how pressed powder can contribute to ongoing skin issues.  We'll show you that with our loose powders you no longer have to compromise on finish and skin health, or put up  with the mess.

Undertones and overtones concern most women since they typically always refer to their shading as an undertone, when in reality it can be an overtone.  Also it is best to avoid terms like "warm" and "cool" undertones as many women eventually discover this didn't help them end up with the correct shade.  Still confused?  Learn how to tell the difference.

Are you having shading issues with your mineral makeup brand? Is your face turning funny shades of orange or gray? We have the answers on how and why this odd phenomenon is happening your skin.  It is as simple as using the right brand of mineral makeup products and we'll show you why ours is best and works to perfection.

African American, Indian, Latina, Asian and Mediterranean women searching for their perfect mineral foundation shade may need more than one shade.  Women of dark ethnic origin can have as many as 35 different shades within their skin.  With such a diversity in ethnic skin tones, finding the right mineral makeup shade can often be confusing and daunting.

Women of mature or senior years have great results with our mineral foundation.  They never have to deal with creeping or difficulty of blending our mineral makeup products.  They are without a doubt the easiest minerals you could ever use.  Video Tutorial included on concealing with your mineral foundation.

Typically used to diminish flaws on the face, however, although this works for the most part when applied directly to skin in color theory, in truth, once the color corrector blends with your regular mineral makeup, it will not provide true skin tones but will actually alter the shade and the look will be less than desirable.  Now what do you do?  Simple answer!

Bare Minerals is a very heavy mineral makeup due to it containing Bismuth Oxychloride.  So it requires ongoing buffing to get it to blend well and to stay on the skin, otherwise it slips into fine lines and creeps throughout the day.  Discover the difference and how easy our mineral makeup is to apply.  Includes Video Tutorial!

This mineral makeup technique will provide easy application and the ultimate finish of flawless perfection. You'll experience exceptional coverage while it instantly sets the minerals. The moist method will give the mineral makeup a soft creamy feel and performs similarly to pressed powder. It is rapidly becoming the fastest and most popular method.

Women with mature skin especially, don't need makeup that contributes to aging the face by showing fine lines highlighted by minerals that shift or creep into those lines.  We address this concern and also provide a video demonstration, proving that our mineral powders will not cake no matter how hard you try.

Many women have been advised by the commercial makeup industry for years to use another shade to change their natural color in order to correct it or any flaws associated with it, with the idea they are making themselves appear more beautiful.  This couldn't be further from the truth!

Though primers are popular in the makeup world, they aren't always the best choice to use before your mineral foundtion application.  It does depend on the minerals you use and we explain the differences, problems and other issues that can arise when using a primer prior to applying your minerals.

In most cases of attempting to conceal an old or new scar, our mineral powders do an excellent job at concealing them.  As always we recommend using a lighter shade of mineral foundation to correct the redness or neutralize the deepening of the skin pigment which accompanies scarring.  Includes Video Tutorial!

It is always recommended for the best results to use an excellent silicone free moisturizer including its derivatives (dimethicone, cyclomethicone), before applying our mineral foundation.  Achieving nice results is accomplished following our recommendations.  Create a tinted moisturizer as shown by one of our esthetician customers.

Retired esthetician, Victoria Guillot who suffers from rosacea, shares her discovery through her own experimentation with our minerals, as to how to mix mineral foundation shades with one of our moisturizers to create the perfect tinted moisturizer while maintaining a natural healthy look to the face.  Before and After Photos are shared as well.

By creating the three formulas for different skin types, this offers women the opportunity to wear mineral makeup, even those with dry, mature skin.  Although our mineral foundation is in powder form, it will not act like a typical mineral powder, but will actually meld with the face and your moisturizer, similar to a liquid foundation, but with incredible staying power.