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Mineral Makeup Blush

Our 100% Vegan Friendly, Gluten Free Mineral Makeup Rosebud Blush enhances cheeks & brightens skin


A Mineral Blush that provides lasting color without fading.

Sterling Minerals triple milled Mineral Blush blends on your skin to perfection leaving a silken, luminous finish. You can create soft elegance or dramatic contouring to achieve natural beauty. You'll love how our colors stay true throughout the day, unlike blush made from colored mica that fades or melts away.

Our Mineral Makeup Blush formulas will work their magic as a color booster for your pretty face which will aid in color correcting whatever skin tone imperfections you might have.

You can wear these blush shades sheer or deep in intensity! 

You will love how any Sterling Minerals Blush Shade you favor will deepen as it warms and blends with your skins' own natural oils, or if they are lightly misted with distilled water or our Perfect Balance Facial Toner.

Enjoy this gorgeous Rosebud Blush with whatever preferred mineral makeup you choose, whether in loose powder or liquid.