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Skin Care Education

Proper Skin Care Is First and Foremost, The Most Important Step!

Do you ever wonder what skincare products you should use? 

Does confusion set in caused by the bombardment of commercial marketing hype?

Did you know skipping a skincare regimen is the leading cause of skin problems?

Is it proof positive that all synthetic chemicals are bad and only natural ingredients are good?

Are you forever baffled, always trying different skincare products, thinking the next one will be better?

We are here to set the record straight about the use of skincare products.  Not everything is what it seems or what marketers would have you believe.  After wading through all the hype, it boils down to true and accurate information.  It is important to understand what typically works best for a specific skin type, and what you should absolutely steer clear of to make sure skin conditions aren't worsened by the use of a certain product or ingredient.

Let Us Be Your Guide To Improved Skin Health

We are here to help you with any and all questions you may have in order to find you the best skincare regimen or improving the overall appearance and health of your skin.  We offer our own line of ONATI Skin Care to compliment our mineral makeup so you can enjoy a truly, younger appearance and have a face that feels like velvet.  Your Body Too! 

However, if our skincare products aren't right for you, we'll help you find something that will work safely to help improve your skin and work in tandem with your minerals rather than cause you further problems.  Sometimes it can be as simple as reading an ingredient label.  Just click on any of the links below to get a better handle on what to do for your skin health.


There is more than meets the eye when claims are made about an "all natural" or "organic" skincare product.  We'll show you the differences as it relates to our naturally, organically derived skincare ingredients, while explaining the reality of these terms when used in marketing skincare to consumers.

So many women are confused by how to deal with their oily skin.  Large pores, thicker skin and acne usually accompany this skin type.  However, there are some that don't suffer with acne, yet have very oily skin.  Our skincare products are universal, yet we have specific items that we recommend for achieving the best results.

Women with sensitive and easily irritated skin types get frustrated when so many skincare products promise to assist with keeping skin calm by cleansing and moisturizing gently, only to yet again suffer with ongoing irritation.  Believe it or not, ingredient profiles can mean everything and we have the answer for soothing this skin type.

After years of exposure to environmental elements, sun, wind and free radical damage takes its' toll on our skin.  Women especially after menopause can suffer terrible from dry, damaged, overworked skin.  Loss of elasticity and collagen are the main reason our skin suffers.  We have a skincare regimen perfect for this skin type.

These are some of the best ingredients purported to have a true and natural effect on keeping our skin looking it's best.  Done with a synergistic blend of botanical and scientifically created ingredients, these will by far do more for skin than just applying any one ingredient.  Know what works best and what is pure marketing puffery.

Scrubbing your face with mechanical brushes or certain facial scrubs can actually destroy the acid mantle of your face which can in turn accelerate the aging process.  We'll show you that it is not impossible to have lovely polished skin and that you can accomplish it with wonderful, gentler methods that are a healthier alternative.

We looked at a natural preservative free equation, pondered over naturally preserved skincare using the 'hurdle' technology, along with synthetically preserved to a combination of naturally and synthetically preserved skin care.  You may be interested in what we found in our research and it isn't pretty.

Sometime mineral makeup can be difficult to remove especially due to certain ingredients which help enhance its staying power to last all day.  We have the best way to remove our minerals without harsh cleansing methods through the use of our gentle ONATI Skin Care line.

Your skin health can be maintained during cold, harsh winter months, even improved with these simple skincare tips.  Using natural humectants infused into gentle skincare emulsions will work best for keeping your skin young and beautiful.

Many women have oily skin and struggle with this question.  Concern of acne breakouts by increasing oil on their faces is ongoing.  However, it is about formulations and the use of natural versus synthetic, or perhaps a combinations of the two.  We explain the benefits of moisturizing, including actual reduction of facial oil.

Essential oils are not the same as fragrance oils, yet many women confuse the two.  Or because of sensitivity to perfumes containing a blend of artificial fragrance comprised of fragrance oils and maybe some essential oils they believe that all aromatics must be avoided.  We'll show you the distinct differences and how they are used in skincare products.

You'll love this all natural food grad mask designed to soothe and moisturize all skin types including women with mature skin.  It is a terrific way to provide skin healing nourishment to tired, overworked skin.  For a complete spa treatment settle into a warm bath while your skin drinks in the benefits of this facial mask offers.

A fast, fun and easy facial mask that peels off the face leaving your skin soft, polished and youthfully glowing.  Using only natural ingredients in your kitchen derived from a variety of fruits.  Perfect for all skin types.

Large pores on the face can have their appearance improved and there are great skincare techniques you can use.  Learn the factors that contribute to large pores and how to prevent them from becoming more enlarged.  Changed perspectives can also go far to accepting what can also be genetic.

Many times tiny bumps that develop just under the surface of the skin are confused for the onset of a full blown acne breakout.  Fortunately, this is not always the case and their are a few simple remedies to correct this problem, while making sure your skincare regimen is not the cause.

Does your mineral makeup appear chalky or seem to separate from your skin?  Does it creep, dispappear or look weird by the end of the day?  Well your moisturizer containing certain ingredients can certainly cause problems with proper melding of your mineral makeup products to the face.

Mineral makeup and skincare products don't have to be an irritant for your hypersensitive skin.  Certain ingredients can compensate by treating skin gently when also being used in such a way to reduce further irritation.  We show you how, along with other useful tips to taking care of delicate skin.

If you have noticed raised bumps, or hives, a new rash or itchy skin after you spent some time in the sun, you may be suffereing from an actual sun allergy.  Learn the symptoms and discover if you may be causing it also by using certain chemicals on your skin before exposure.

Natural facial mask recipes are perfect for fighting acne, calming rosacea and soothing psoriasis. Lavish your skin with organic rice, goat milk and raw honey and relax in the experience of taking care of your skin gently using nothing but fresh ingredients.

Feeling confused about acne including cystic acne? We will explain how and why doing more of the same things creates ongoing acne issues.  You'll be surprised to learn products and people we think have the answer are really not guiding you in the right direction leading to only more frustration.

When dealing with acne, there are irritating ingredients to avoid and their are natural oils known for their soothing properties for helping facial acne look and feel better.  Ignore the old thinking about cleansing and moisturizing since we will show you the kindest way to treat your skin holistically.

Safety of topical penetration enhancing ingredients have been in question for a long period of time. Unfortunately, much of what we read on the internet or we see the convoluted conjecture offered by NGO's doesn't balance with the actual science. We will show the scientific data to remove doubt created by others in the beauty industry.

Alpha hydroxy & Beta hydroxy acids are used for acne, yet you may not realize the harm they can cause to your face.  You may be aging your skin prematurely and that is not a good thing.  Learn why using this skin care practice may actually be damaging your collagen reproducing cells.