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If You Have Oily Skin Should You Use A Moisturizer?

Faces That Produce Oil

Many women with oily skin wonder if they can "skip" the moisturizing step to their skincare regimen before applying their mineral makeup or any makeup.

The answer is sometimes confusing.  Simply put "skin always needs to be moisturized, especially oily skin, and we'll explain why."

The word "oil" found anywhere in an ingredient list can cause some to freak out.  But the good news is certain oils in skincare products are not the enemy to oily skin.  Although it sounds contradictory to apply a moisturizer to oily skin, especially one that may contain oils, the fact is, it actually will help reduce sebum production and give skin a better texture with the proper use of certain types of oils.

Most women who think it makes their oily skin worse or increases their acne, which is typically a side effect of oily skin, only need help understanding how and what a moisturizer actually is. 

Oily skin also tends to be thicker than normal and has larger pores.  Faces with this skin type can literally look like an oil slick within an hour or so after washing.  

Some women think cleansing is the only answer, and this is great for removing excess oil, debris and grime from the face, but over cleansing will strip the skin, whereby creating the cycle of the face producing more oil to compensate.  Moisturizing the face is not just for normal to dry skin types, but is for all.

Understanding How A Moisturizer Works

First off, when our face produces oil, it is not the same as hydration of the skin and in many cases can be linked to hormonal changes.  That is why as we mature and then finally go through menopause, oil production is reduced, our skin becomes drier and our skin thins.  Although it isn't as prevalent as in our younger days, oily skin can still be a problem for mature skin also.

A moisturizer increases water content in the skin and prevents further moisture loss when infused with natural humectants.  These will attract moisture from the air keeping skin moist and supple throughout the day.  Moisturizers also smooth skin and will actually aid with skin cell turnover, especially those that have natural fruit acids.  Pore clogging sebum is the enemy and is thicker, attracts dirt and debris, allowing skin cells to become occlusive causing the endless battle with acne.  Also sebum is the food source for acne bacteria, so keeping it to a minimal amount is a good thing. 

By slowing evaporation of moisture on the face, sebum producing cells shut down.  Also, when using certain types of organic oils which mimic our own sebum, your skin will produce less and less until such time as you can enjoy an entire day without the oil slick.  Or at the very least reduce the over production of oil.  To clarify, oily skin is not hydration but a reaction to a lack of it.  Plus, if you are using acne products which tend to exacerbate this condition by drying the skin, causing flakiness and tightness, then the endless cycle of cleansing and treating never ends the fight of oil production and everything else is a band-aid.

How Do I Treat My Oily Skin?

Believe it or not, women that complain of having oily skin may also notice their skin feels tight and uncomfortable.  Now you would think with oily skin it would feel more lubricated, but again, oil is not moisture and oily skin does not make skin smooth and supple.  If you have oily skin you may also be sensitive, have irritation, and experience stinging conditions when using some skincare products.  Though it is rare, sensitivities do occur with your skin type. 

Typically it is due to using acne treatments either within the moisturizer itself (Glycolic Acid AHA, Salicylic Acid BHA, Retin A, Benzoyl Peroxide, Accutane, Pro Activ), or you may use them as a stand alone product after you cleanse.  These products only serve to dry your skin further, cause peeling and excessive flakiness and keep your face in a constant state of inflammation, making things worse.

Worried About Using Moisturizers? 

Worry no more since there are excellent alternatives.  We understand certain moisturizers can feel too heavy if you have oily skin.  Emollients (mineral oil, lanolin, paraffin, dimethicone, cyclomethicone, anything siloxane, petroleum derived ingredients, castor oil) can cause occlusion of pores and make a moisturizer feel like you are smearing buttery grease on your face.  These types of ingredients can be problematic for any skin type and are not necessary to achieve protection from loss of moisture.   

What is odd, some of these same ingredients are found in skincare recommended for acneic skin, creating further confusion for you if looking to help with your oily skin.

The good news is, there are lighter weight moisturizing emollients such as cold pressed plant oils (avocado, coconut, grapeseed, jojoba (actually wax ester), olive and tea tree which work to perfection without leaving a greasy feel.  They are readily absorbed into the dermis layer and also possess natural humectant properties including that of vegetable glycerin.  Plus, the added benefit of plant oils; they contain natural sterolins and sterols with holistic properties for an overall skin softening experience, leaving pore clogging and irritating synthetic chemical ingredients in the dust.  

Did you know Jojoba Oil mimics your own natural sebum, restores pH balance to the skin and is excellent at dissolving pore clogging sebum, whereby reducing acne breakouts?

This miracle oil, after only a few minutes, is completely absorbed and leaves skin with a velvet texture and it is why it is in our Evening Rose Veil and our Mineral Makeup Foundation.  Another is extra Virgin Olive Oil which stands alone as a face wash for dissolving excess sebum and grime and softens blackheads, supports the skins acid mantle and since it is non-occlusive, it also assists in allowing skin to breathe so to speak. 

The problem perceived with using certain emollients and synthetic emulsifiers in commercially prepared, mass marketed formulas; they can be blended in an incorrect combination, actually making skin feel drier.  So there is this battle raging on your skin as it tries to compensate for the drying effects of one ingredient while another is trying to moisturize, whereby excess sebum is produced. 

By using botanical ingredients such as Jojoba, Avocado and Olive oils, they simulate the fatty acid profile, while Squalene, and wax esters help reduce your natural sebum, but without clogging your pores.  The best part is, they not only do not disrupt skin function, but work in tandem with your skins natural functions while also working to soften, soothe and hydrate the skin continuously. 

Reducing Oily Skin And Clearing Up Acne

When taking advantage of the natural benefits offered by using moisturizers and other skincare products that are infused with plant extracts, plant oils, fruit acids and plant distillates, you have a winning combination for dealing with skin problems, fighting aging, not causing acne and improving overall skin texture. 

These ingredients create an unsurpassed synergetic blend (working in unison) of a highly effective skincare regimen for all skin types.  They will go far at improving oily skin, whereby acne which is the side effect, should also improve. 

Our Best Skincare Regimen For Oily Skin we recommend for getting your skin back to normal and improve overall skin health, gently.

When it comes to our ONATI Natural Skin Care products, we don't add water to our emulsions like so many others on the market, but Aloe Vera Juice.  Skin sensitivities will also reduce when products are eliminated that contain skin drying ingredients and the stronger skin irritating AHA's (glycolic acid) and BHA's (salicylic acid). 

Natural fruit acids are alpha hydroxy acids as well, yet work divinely because when used everyday, whether in our cleanser, toner or serum, will have a cumulative effect and will gently maintain an exfoliated skin without the added irritation that harsh commercial brands can cause.  Cleansing with the use of our Microfiber facial towels can be far gentler and replace the need for those stronger products as well.

Another perk to our ONATI skincare products, it takes far less to get the job done due to the concentrated formulations of combined botanical ingredients.  You'll only need a pea to pearl size in most cases, and if you apply to moist skin, then for those that have very oily skin and still worry, you can spread it even thinner, leaving just a light veil of moisture.  Even at this reduced amount, any amount is better than none, and your skin will improve a great deal.  So begin the journey to enjoying smooth and lovely skin once again!