Shipping Policy


We ship within the Continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii and Countries listed below.

  • Outside U.S ~ Mexico, Canada, Bahamas, South Africa and Brazil
  • U.S Protectorates ~ American Samoa, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam and Puerto Rico
  • Asia ~ New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Macao, South Korea, Japan and Singapore
  • Europe ~ Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Iceland, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom

If you do not see your country listed, please contact us via E-mail to check and see if we can offer shipping to your location before ordering.  Please be aware we cannot ship to GREECE, ITALY or RUSSIA due to cosmetic regulations and special FDA paperwork which are beyond the scope of our International shipping capabilities.



We are unable to accept Special Delivery Instructions for USPS. If special delivery is needed then UPS or FedEx will have to be your carrier of choice and additional shipping and handling fees will be charged.

USPS Domestic Priority Rates With Delivery Confirmation

  • Uninsured: 1-3 Business Days ~ $0.00 - $74.99 = $7.55
  • Insured: 1-3 Business Days    ~   $0.00 - $74.99 = $9.95
  • Insured w/ Signature: Same  ~   $0.00 - $74.99 = $11.55
  • Insured: 1-3 Business Days    ~   $75.00 and Up = FREE

USPS International Priority Insured and Uninsured Rates

  • *Standard First Class Mail Uninsured: No Tracking ~ Canada & Mexico ~ $0.00 - $55.00 (Brushes / Skincare Excluded) = $13.00
  • *Standard First Class Mail Uninsured: No Tracking ~ Canada & Mexico ~ $55.01 - $110.00 (Limited Skincare due to weight) = $18.00
  • *Standard First Class Mail Uninsured: No Tracking ~ All Other Countries Excluding Ireland ~ $0.00 - $55.00 (Brushes / Skincare Excluded) = $16.00
  • *Standard First Class Mail Uninsured: No Tracking ~ All Other Countries Excluding Ireland ~ $55.01 - $110.00 (Limited Skincare Due To Weight) = $25.00
  • **Insured Priority Rate: Canada & Mexico ~ Subject To Weight & Order Total = $30.00 - $45.00
  • **Insured Priority Rate: All Other Countries ~ Subject To Weight & Order Total = $40.00 = $65.00
  • ***Insured Priority Rate: (Reduced Rate) Canada & Mexico ~ For Orders of $150.00 or More = $21.00
  • ***Insured Priority Rate: (Reduced Rate) All Other Countries ~ For Orders of $150.00 or More = 30.00


* IRELAND NOTICE:  Unfortunately, we can no longer offer FIRST CLASS UNINSURED SHIPPING to Ireland due to non compliance with International USPS electronic labeling and delivery confirmation.  We apologize for any inconvenience this creates.

* Two Standard First Class Mail UNINSURED Rates are available for orders not exceeding $110.00. Please be aware that this method provides NO tracking, and is at customers own riskPlease see exceptions to items allowed in the shipping table above.  Extended delivery time frames can occur.  Order totals exceeding this amount MUST select the INSURED Priority Method which we will share the expense.

** If your order is between $110.01 and $149.99 and / or includes Skincare, INSURED Priority Mail is required.  Due to International shipping destination and weight variables, rates will fluctuate according to product weight totals combined with package destination as reflected in the rate table.

*** At time of an International order you are required to select the INSURED Priority Mail Shipping choice at the reduced rate if your order meets the minimum purchase of $150.00.  Shipping fees for Canada and Mexico will be reduced to the flat rate fee of $21.00, while all other countries will be reduced to a $30.00 flat rate fee.  The difference in shipping fees will be paid by Sterling Minerals.

Final USPS rates are selected and calculated at time of checkout.  THESE RATES / OFFERS EXCLUDE FEDEX & UPS!  PLEASE SEE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING POLICY BELOW.

All shipping costs are approximate and subject to change without notice as regulated by the United States Postal Service and may not be accurately reflected in this chart.


This includes the Continental U.S., Alaska and Hawaii, U.S. Protectorates, and all orders will be shipped by USPS Priority® Mail.  Priority Mail provides delivery within 1-3 business days, not including order processing time frame.

Choosing Insured method with Signature is the safest delivery of your items in the event you are unavailable to receive your package.  Sterling Minerals is bound by the rules and regulations of our carrier partners. 

If uninsured shipping option is chosen, items are shipped at customers own risk.  We use delivery confirmation and recipients address is electronically filed with USPS for accuracy on all orders. Once delivery is confirmed package has reached the destination address, this will conclude the transaction.

Any problems with receipt of package will fall to USPS since delivery issues are beyond our control once items are processed out for shipping.  Carrier decisions for leaving a package or holding it at local post office for collection are at their discretion and Sterling Minerals will not be liable for any decision USPS makes in regard to your package. 

Please see Lost, Damaged or Stolen Package section below.


During checkout the FREE shipping option appears automatically when your purchase total is $75.00 or more.  Please select this shipping option at checkout to take advantage of receiving Priority Mail Insured at our expense.  For added protection of receiving your package if shipping to workplace or are unable to be available for delivery, we recommend selecting Ship Insured w/ Signature to prevent loss or theft. Important Notice: Selection of one of the other paid shipping options WILL NOT expedite your order.


Delivery time frames are estimates for Priority Mail and we are not liable in the event your package is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.  During the Holiday Season we can experience delivery time frames extended to as long as 7 to 10 days.



UNINSURED First Class Mail: International orders going to Canada / Mexico and all other Countries with the exception of IRELAND, (non compliance with USPS Electronic Shipping Labels and delivery confirmation) can be shipped UNINSURED Standard First Class Mail.  We still offer USPS Priority Mail® INSURED unless UNINSURED Standard First Class Mail option is selected.  The selection you choose must meet the ordering parameters we require. 

Standard First Class Shipping is ALWAYS Uninsured.  We do not guarantee a tracking legend or delivery confirmation will be provided.  This method can only be chosen for orders not exceeding $110.00 and this method is at customers own risk.  Please see excluded items within the shipping table above.

INSURED Priority Mail: Other orders or those meeting purchase totals of $150.00 or more or are including skincare or brush items depending on order value, INSURED PRIORITY MAIL OR REDUCED INSURED INTERNATIONAL PRIORITY SHIPPING must be chosen.  First Class Mail shipping time frames of worse case scenario, can also be extended to as long as 14 - 30 days for delivery depending on destination and other unforeseen delays such as weather or Holiday related and are beyond our control.


This is offered to International customers and you can save on shipping USPS fees subject to the order type you choose.  The order must meet minimum requirements based on the USPS chart above for specific shipping requests.  For example; you must meet the minimum order of $150.00 or more in order to select this shared shipping option, where the balance is paid by us.  These special rates do not include UPS or FedEx and you will be invoiced separately for the balance of whatever shipping method you chose.  Please see rates in chart above and review restrictions as they apply to each purchase.  Each option is based on order totals and should only be selected on how your order qualifies.  If the incorrect shipping method is selected and the order DOES NOT qualify based on minimum order guidelines, then the order will be CANCELED and you will be required to place another order selecting the accurate shipping rate best suited for that particular order.


Customer address entry during checkout is transferred directly to servers when processing electronic labels.  Due to the validity or accuracy of the data you provide we are not liable for uninsured lost packages, and we will not reship or refund on a package that has been marked “Delivered” by the carrier, which includes workplace delivery.  In the event of a lost "Uninsured" priority package, please direct your inquiry to your local USPS office.  With Priority Mail postage you are afforded some benefits through USPS in the event of loss or damage.  Please be aware that if the address is entered incorrectly during the checkout process, it will then become the responsibility of the customer for any and all additional costs to replace and reship the package. 

In the event an “Insured Delivered” status does not occur, contact us so that we may assist you in trying to locate your package.  If the package cannot be located, we will file a claim with for you.  A claim may not be filed prior to 21 days from ship date in order to allow USPS to conduct an investigation on package whereabouts at your local post office.  Customer will be required to wait out this time frame and no further action by us will be taken until the claim can be filed.  If after the allotted waiting period the package is still not located and allows the claim, Sterling Minerals will notify you that a credit for the original order has been placed on your account.

IMPORTANT: Please do not use auto fill for your account information since this does not convey correctly and can cause cancellation of your order!  Signature Confirmation is available for all orders.  We highly recommend this as added protection against loss or theft in the event you cannot be home to take delivery or in the workplace if you have others taking delivery of your package. 

IMPORTANT INSURANCE NOTICE: In compliance with our insurance agency rules for reimbursement, the insurance credit may only be used to purchase the identical items that were lost or stolen and the purchase of "Signature Confirmation" add on will be required at checkout. 

In The Event Of Damages: Please save all packing materials and original envelope and notify us within 24 hours to ensure the processing of your claim. Contact us via e-mail following receipt of damaged items so we may assist you with the claim to our carrier / insurance. A photo of the damaged items and packing materials will be required prior to start of the claims process. If you fail to notify us or provide us with the necessary proof of damages within the specified time frame, there will be no guarantee your claim will be processed or that a replacement will be provided. Insurance claims can take up to 30 days to process.

At our discretion and in the interest of time, as a one time courtesy, we may waive our carriers involvement and either determine the photo proof suffices or have the item returned directly to us via USPS (initially customer's expense) for inspection. Upon inspection if we determine damage was caused by shipping, we will reship a replacement (our expense) and a credit for your return costs of the damaged item will be placed on your account toward your next purchase. Otherwise all damaged item claims will require the waiting period and processing times of our carrier / insurance, and once approved a replacement will be shipped to you. 

Domestic or International: If Domestic Priority Mail or International Standard First Class Mail is selected, this is at customers own risk against claiming loss, theft or damage. 

SEE ONATI Skin Care Adjunct Below:


Due to the nature of organic, natural ingredients within our ONATI Skin Care, please be advised that orders may be postponed due to weather extremes, primarily when we are experiencing high temperatures.  Any ONATI skin care item included in an order that is placed after mid week, that order will be held until the following Monday in order to avoid USPS Priority weekend processing delays.  Our products have been successfully delivered domestically for many years without any weather related issues.  However, in the event of a USPS delay of your order beyond our control, we are not responsible if the delay in delivery caused a viscosity issue with the skincare products during summer months and we will be under no obligation to replace the item.


In the event any skin care item is included in an International order, we typically will ship these Priority International or Global Express, depending on your region.  We recommend that overseas orders be placed during times of mild or cold weather, and if summer is approaching, then purchasing enough to carry you thru the summer is our best advice.  Delays in customs can and will happen and in the event skin care is improperly stored while in the care of customs or the postal service of that nation, it could potentially cause a viscosity issue with the products, such as separation thru melting while sitting in a customs warehouse.  Customs care of your package is beyond our control and we will not be held responsible for any replacement, credit or refund.  The customer accepts this possibility during periods of summer heat and agrees to ordering skin care items at their own risk.


These must accompany every shipment and we follow all International Shipping Laws.  Recipient / Purchaser will be solely responsible for all Import duties, taxes, or brokerage fees assessed on the purchased contents by your individual country once shipment arrives.  Sterling Minerals cannot collect these fees in advance nor quote them.  You are responsible for contacting your local Customs Office or Postal Service for determining if any taxes, duties or brokerage fees will be due, prior to placing your order.  Delivery confirmation signature may be required.


Please DO NOT REQUEST we do this for you. As a professional retail business, we are required to state the FULL value of shipment and list each and every item inside the box. It may seem to be an innocent request, but it is asking us to falsify a federal document, and this is a violation of the law, U.S. Code: Title 13: Section 305, making us subject to severe financial penalties and / or jeopardize our ability to export our products in the future. Seizure or automatic return of the shipment may be mandated. Also please be aware that if your package is sent as a gift to another party, they will be subject to any fees assessed against the package as the recipient.

We supply shipping documents with the package for customs, and they must precisely match the customer invoice inside the box. This is in case of inspection by customs, and due to our shipping carriers reimbursing us only on packages that are insured, the amount must match what is listed on the invoice in case of property loss or damage. If a purchase request accompanies your order for label instruction to include “GIFT” or "REDUCED" or "PRICE REMOVAL", it will be subject to cancellation and could affect your ability to order with us in the future to avoid any problems once shipment is received in destination country; such as a refusal to pay duties, taxes or brokerage fees based on that request and forcing return or disposal of the package.


In the event of a delay, please check with your local customs office or postal service since the package may be on hold, awaiting payment of any duties, taxes or brokerage fees assessed toward the value of the package. Other countries will provide an invoice following delivery of your package. 


Once a package leaves the United States, we are not liable for an undelivered package due to customs restrictions, shipping delays, or refusal to pay duties, taxes or fees.  Please know your regulations and fees of the destination country before ordering with us.  A discarded or returned / rejected package based on these issues, you will incur compensatory costs assessed by Sterling Minerals which will include all shipping and handling fees, a 30% restock / processing fee and / or any other penalty attached to the returned shipment.  These costs will offset the original purchase price, and at our discretion, the balance remaining will either be credited back to the form of payment used OR a credit will be placed on your account toward a future purchase.  In the rare event the shipment is discarded or abandoned by country of receipt, then there will be no refund or credit in this circumstance.


All Insured packages shipped Internationally are tracked and a signature may be required.  International packages are shipped with insurance against loss, damage or rifled contents for the value of purchase.  It will be the sole responsibility of the purchaser on any undelivered item, to attempt to locate and confirm items whereabouts with their local carrier or through their local customs office first before contacting us.  Once it is determined the package is misplaced or missing after the required waiting period of 30 days, we will begin the process of inquiry with USPS on your behalf in the event of such loss or theft.  On Damaged items contact us within 24 hours of receipt of package.


This offer cannot be used when applying a credit toward a purchase.  Purchase total does not include shipping costs.  Product which qualified for FREE shipping or REDUCED International shipping that may be returned for a credit, if the original order total should fall below the minimum requirements, shipping fees will then be assessed and deducted from your on-line credit.  This offer is for retail purchases only.


A customer selecting the incorrect shipping method for an order may have over paid.  In the event this occurs, we will place a store credit for the overage on your account to be used toward the next purchase.   

On occasion shipping charges are miscalculated or customer chooses incorrectly based on package value for international shipping, and insufficient postage is collected.  In the event this occurs, your order will have to be canceled followed by a request you re-enter your order so accurate shipping fees can be collected at the time of transaction.

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