Free Shipping on $75.00 U.S. Orders + other Gifts

Shipping Policy


We ship within the Continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii and Countries listed below.

  • Outside U.S ~ Canada Only
  • AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND resumed shipping to these locations.
  • EUROPE ~ We are now able to resume shipping to the EU and UK locations through your use of SKYPAX Freight Forwarding Concierge Services after suspending shipments to these countries due to the new rules and regulations for customs and VAT in the UK and EU that were implemented July 2021.

Exciting news for our long-standing European customers, we now offer the ability for customers to utilize a freight forwarding service when using SKYPAX Concierge services. You'll contact them directly through the link provided above and follow the steps below. They then forward the packages direct to you and you pay the shipping costs & taxes/duties associated with your order. This will allow you to finally receive your collection of your beloved Sterling Minerals.

SKYPAX Concierge Shipping Services

How it works for International European shipping using SKYPAX

  1. You will fill out their order form and tell them the items you wish to purchase
  2. They will place the order on your behalf and keep you notified every step of the way
  3. They will notify you once your order is received by SKYPAX
  4. From there they offer International shipping choices straight to your door
  5. You'll pay any and all fees directly to SKYPAX

Please Be Aware: We only allow for the SKYPAX concierge services with them making the purchase for you. No other freight forwarding service can be substituted. Once a package we ship leaves the USA, or your package is processed through the 3rd party shipper SKYPAX, we are no longer responsible or liable for the delivery timeframe, any issues with customs, the condition of the delivered package, lost or misguided packages or any associated fees/taxes/duties.  If you decide to use this service, they will be your point of contact for any of these issues involved with order and delivery. Please make yourself aware of their policies and any disclaimers they provide.

All other policies below as they pertain to International shipping remain in effect.


We are unable to accept Special Delivery Instructions for USPS.  If special delivery is needed then UPS or FedEx will be used, and additional shipping and handling fees will be charged.

USPS Domestic Priority Rates with Delivery Confirmation

  • Uninsured: 1-3 Business Days ~ $0.00 - $74.99 = $9.95
  • Insured: 1-3 Business Days ~ $0.00 - $74.99 = $11.95
  • Insured w/ Signature: Same ~ $0.00 - $74.99 = $14.95
  • Insured: 1-3 Business Days ~ $75.00 and Up = FREE

USPS International Priority Insured and Uninsured Rates

  • *Standard First Class Mail Uninsured: No Tracking ~ Canada ~ $0.00 - $55.00 (Brushes, Towels, Skincare Excluded) = $19.00
  • *Standard First Class Mail Uninsured: No Tracking ~ Canada ~ $55.01 - $110.00 (Limited Skincare due to weight) = $25.00
  • *Standard First Class Mail Uninsured: No Tracking ~ Australia, New Zealand ~ $0.00 - $55.00 (Brushes, Towels, Skincare Excluded) = $22.00
  • *Standard First Class Mail Uninsured: No Tracking ~ Australia, New Zealand ~ $55.01 - $110.00 (Limited Skincare Due To Weight) = $32.00
  • **Insured Priority Rate: Canada ~ Subject to Weight & Order Total = $30.00 - $45.00
  • **Insured Priority Rate: Australia, New Zealand ~ Subject to Weight & Order Total = $40.00 = $65.00
  • ***Insured Priority Rate: (Reduced Rate) Canada ~ For Orders of $150.00 or More = $30.00
  • ***Insured Priority Rate: (Reduced Rate) Australia, New Zealand ~ For Orders of $150.00 or More = 39.00


* Two Standard First Class Mail UNINSURED Rates are available for orders not exceeding $110.00. Please be aware that this method provides NO tracking and is at customers' own risk.  Please see exceptions to items allowed in the shipping table above.  Extended delivery time frames can occur.  If your order total exceeds the $150.00, please select the INSURED Priority Method so we can share in the shipping expense.

** If your order is between $110.01 and $149.99 and / or includes Skincare, INSURED Priority Mail is necessary.  Due to International shipping destination and weight variables, rates will fluctuate according to product weight totals combined with package destination as reflected in the rate table.

*** At time of an International order you'll want to select the INSURED Priority Mail Shipping choice at the reduced rate if your order meets the minimum purchase of $150.00.  Shipping fees for Canada will be reduced to the flat rate fee of $30.00, while Australia and New Zealand will be reduced to a $39.00 flat rate fee.  The difference in shipping fees will be paid by Sterling Minerals.

Final USPS rates are selected and calculated at time of checkout.  THESE RATES / OFFERS EXCLUDE FEDEX & UPS!  PLEASE SEE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING POLICY BELOW.

All shipping costs are approximate and subject to change without notice as regulated by the United States Postal Service and may not be accurately reflected in this chart.


  1. Includes the Continental U.S., Alaska and Hawaii, U.S. Protectorates,
  2. All Orders Are Shipped Using USPS Priority® Mail. 
  3. Priority Mail delivery is 1-3 Business Days, Does Not Include Order Processing
  4. Packages Are Shipped Using Tracking and Delivery Confirmation

Choosing Insured method with Signature is the safest delivery of your items in the event you are unavailable to receive your package.  Sterling Minerals is bound by the rules and regulations of our carrier partners. 

If you select uninsured shipping option, then this is accepted at your risk of loss or theft.  Your address is electronically filed with USPS for accuracy on all orders. Once delivery is confirmed package has reached the destination address, this will conclude the transaction.

Any problems with receipt of package will fall to USPS since delivery issues are beyond our control once items are processed out for shipping.  Carrier decisions for leaving a package or holding it at local post office for collection are at their discretion and Sterling Minerals will not be liable for any decision USPS makes in regard to your package. 


During checkout the FREE shipping option appears automatically when your purchase total is $75.00 or more.  Please select this shipping option at checkout to take advantage of receiving Priority Mail Insured at our expense.  For added protection of receiving your package if shipping to workplace or are unable to be available for delivery, we recommend selecting Ship Insured w/ Signature to prevent loss or theft.

Important Notice: Selection of one of the other paid shipping options WILL NOT expedite your order.


Delivery time frames are estimates for Priority Mail and delays or unforeseen circumstances can and will happen on occasion.  During the Holiday Season we can experience delivery time frames extended to as long as 7 to 10 business days.



UNINSURED First-Class Mail: International orders going to Canada, Australia and New Zealand can be shipped UNINSURED Standard First-Class Mail.  The selection you choose must meet the ordering parameters we require in our shipping table. 

Standard First-Class Shipping is ALWAYS Uninsured.  We do not guarantee a tracking legend, or a delivery confirmation will be provided.  This method can only be chosen for orders not exceeding $110.00 and this method is at customers' own risk.  Please see excluded items within the shipping table.

INSURED Priority Mail: Other orders or those meeting purchase totals of $150.00 or more or are including skincare or brush items depending on order value, INSURED PRIORITY MAIL OR REDUCED INSURED INTERNATIONAL PRIORITY SHIPPING is necessary for safe delivery.  First Class Mail shipping time frames of worst-case scenario can also be extended to as long as 14 - 30 days for delivery depending on destination and other unforeseen delays such as weather or Holidays are beyond our control.


International Customers and How You Can Save On USPS Shipping Costs

  1. Please Make Sure Your Order Meets the Minimum Purchase Of $150.00
  2. You'll Want to Take Advantage of The Shared Shipping Option at The Reduced Rate During Checkout
  3. These Special Rates Do Not Apply to UPS or FedEx and They Will Be Invoiced Separately
  4. Some Restrictions Do Apply Depending on Your Purchases

If the incorrect shipping method is selected and the order DID NOT qualify based on our minimum order guidelines, then the order will be CANCELED and we will notify you to please place another order selecting the accurate shipping rate best suited for that particular order.


Best Advice on Receiving Your Package Once Shipped

  1. Please Make Sure Address Is Entered Correctly Since All Labels Are Processed Electronically
  2. Insurance Of Data Accuracy Is Provided by Your Input to
  3. We Recommend Insured w/ Signature Confirmation for Workplace Delivery
  4. Uninsured Packages Are Not Protected Against Loss or Theft
  5. We Cannot Reship Your Order, Nor Can a Refund Be Given If Carrier Marks Package Delivered, This Includes the Workplace
  6. Priority Mail Offers Benefits If Your Uninsured Package Goes Missing or Is Damaged. Please Check with Your Local Post Office
  7. Failure Of Delivery Due to Incorrect Shipping Info Entered During Checkout, Your Order Will Need to Be Reshipped and New Shipping Charges Would Apply

We Are Here to Help You When We Can.  This Is What to Do If Your Package Goes Missing

  1. Please Contact Us If An "Insured Delivered" Status Does Not Occur
  2. We Will File a Claim for You If We Cannot Locate Your Package
  3. We Can Only File a Claim After Conclusion of The USPS Investigation Which Can Take Up To 21 Days
  4. No Further Action Is Required by You While We Await the Outcome
  5. If Your Package Is Never Located, We Will Gladly Place a Credit on Your Account
  6. Your Insurance Credit for The Lost Insured Package May Only Be Used to Repurchase Your Original Order
  7. Signature Confirmation Will Be Required When Using Reimbursed Funds for Lost Order

What To Do If Your Items Are Damaged or Missing from Your Order

  1. Please Do Not Remove Any Shrink Wrap Before Photo Cataloging Any Damage
  2. Save Your Damaged Package and All the Packing Materials Included
  3. Please Notify Us Within 24 Hours of Receipt of Package to Ensure Claims Processing
  4. E-Mail Is Best for Record Keeping If You Receive Package with Damaged or Missing Items
  5. Please Provide a Photo Proving Damaged Items and Packing Materials for The Claims Process 
  6. We Cannot Guarantee Your Claim Will Be Processed If Items 1 - 5 Are Not Met
  7. On Insured Items, We Will Work with Insurance Carrier and USPS On Your Behalf of The Claim Process
  8. We Will Happily Provide a Replacement or Credit on Your Account Once Completed Claim Is Processed
  9. We May Expedite the Process If Photos Prove Out the Damages to Your Items and We Will Reship Your Purchase

Defective Claim: We will have you return your item directly to us via USPS (initially customer's expense) for inspection.  Upon inspection, if we determine damage was caused by shipping or the item proves to be defective, we will gladly reship a replacement (our expense) and a credit for your return costs of the damaged or defective item will be placed on your account toward your next purchase.  In the interest of time, we may waive the return of damaged or defective item(s) and accept photo evidence with a credit in portion or whole of purchase price placed on your account depending on the type of claim.  Please photo catalog the item exactly as you received it right out of the packaging for best assessment. 

Domestic or International: If Domestic Uninsured Priority Mail or International Standard First Class Mail is selected, this is at customers own risk against claiming loss, theft or damage. 

SEE ONATI Skin Care Adjunct Below:


DOMESTIC: Due to the nature of organic, natural ingredients within our ONATI Skin Care, we recommend purchasing your skincare items before our summer months.  To shorten shipping time frames, any ONATI skin care item included in an order that is placed after mid-week, that order will be held until the following Monday.  This is to avoid USPS Priority weekend processing delays.  Our products have been successfully delivered domestically for many years without any weather-related issues.  However, in the event of a USPS delay of your order beyond our control, we cannot guarantee against any viscosity issues with the skincare products during the summer months.

INTERNATIONAL: In the event any skin care item is included in an International order, we typically will ship these Priority International depending on your region.  We recommend that overseas orders be placed during times of mild or cold weather, and if summer is approaching, then purchasing enough to carry you thru the summer is our best advice.  Delays in customs can and will happen and in the event skin care is improperly stored while in the care of customs or the postal service of that nation, it could potentially cause a viscosity issue with the products, such as separation thru melting while sitting in a customs warehouse.  Customs care of your package is beyond our control, and we will not be held responsible for any replacement, credit or refund.  The customer accepts this possibility during periods of summer heat and agrees to ordering skin care items at their own risk.


  • We Attach All Important Documents to Shipment as Required by International Customs and Shipping Laws
  • Recipient / Purchaser Is Solely Responsible for All Import Duties, Taxes, Or Brokerage Fees Assessed Against Purchased Contents
  • Each Individual Country Will Assess Any Duties or Taxes Once Your Package Arrives in The Destination Country
  • Due To Customs Restrictions on Cosmetics Which Vary Depending on Destination Country, We Will Not Ship to A Freight Forwarding Address Unless it is SKYPAX

Sterling Minerals is unable to assist you with fees and we cannot collect any of these fees in advance, nor quote them.  Please contact your local Customs Office or Postal Service for determining if any taxes, duties or brokerage fees will be due prior to placing your order.  Delivery confirmation signature may be required.  


  • We Are Unable to Accept Requests for Changing Purchase Amount
  • We Are Required to State Full Value of Your Shipment and Not Falsify Documents Under U.S. Code: Title 13: Section 305
  • Sending A Package as Gift to Another Party, Please Advise Them They Will Be Responsible for Duties or Taxes on The Package
  • We Provide Shipping Documents for Customs and They Are Required to Match Your Invoice Totals
  • Insured Purchases Must Also Match Invoice and Documents in Case of Customs Inspection or Loss or Damage
  • Your Order Will Be Subject to Cancellation If One of These Purchase Requests Is Made to Your Order

Depending on the Country, seizure or automatic return of the shipment may be mandated and may cause penalties against us and prevent us from being able to ship internationally in the future.  This is the reason we will not honor such requests. 

This request may also affect your ability to order with us in the future to avoid any problems once shipment is received in destination country, such as a refusal to pay duties, taxes or brokerage fees based on that request and forcing return or disposal of the package.


In the event of a delay, please check with your local customs office or postal service since the package may be on hold, awaiting payment of any duties, taxes or brokerage fees assessed toward the value of the package.  Some countries will provide an invoice following delivery of your package. 


Due to your country's import regulations, our products may not be available for purchase.  Please check the shipping table above for your shipping location.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.  While we work hard to prevent our products from shipping to countries where documentation, ingredients or other are problematic or prohibited, we cannot guarantee that restrictions are up to date or a country's enforcement may have changed.  We strongly recommend that you check with your local authorities for information on regulations that may affect your ability to receive your order.  Unfortunately, we cannot issue a refund of any kind for orders seized or destroyed by Customs unless the order is returned back to our facility in an undamaged condition.  A refund will be issued for the cost of the merchandise only for this return action; shipping costs cannot be reimbursed.  Extra return shipping costs may be incurred for return shipping due to restrictions and if Sterling Minerals is billed for the return shipment, you will be responsible for that cost, also.

If the scope of return is beyond regulations in your country, we are not liable for an undelivered package due to Customs requiring duties to be paid, addressee issues or any shipping problems.  In the event of any addressee issue or refusal to pay duties, taxes or fees once package has reached your country, and causes a returned / rejected package, upon receipt at our facility, you will incur an additional 30% restock / processing fee once we hear from you.  All additional costs to Sterling Minerals will offset the original purchase price, and at our discretion, any balance remaining will either be credited back to the original form of payment used OR a credit will be placed on your account toward a future purchase. 


All Insured packages shipped Internationally are tracked and a signature may be required.  International packages are shipped with insurance against loss, damage or rifled contents for the value of the purchase.  It will be up to you as the purchaser and recipient on any undelivered item, to attempt to locate and confirm items whereabouts with your local carrier or through your local customs office first before contacting us.  Once it is determined the package is misplaced or missing after the required waiting period of 21 days, we will begin the process of inquiry with USPS on your behalf in the event of loss or theft.  On Damaged items please contact us within 24 hours of receipt of package.


This offer cannot be used when applying a credit toward a purchase.  Purchase total does not include shipping costs.  Product which qualified for FREE shipping or REDUCED International shipping that was returned for a credit, if the original order total should fall below the minimum requirements, shipping fees will then be assessed and deducted from your on-line credit.  


A customer selecting the incorrect shipping method for an order may have over paid.  In the event this occurs, we will place a store credit for the overage on your account to be used toward the next purchase.   

On occasion shipping charges are miscalculated or customer chooses incorrectly based on package value for international shipping, and insufficient postage is collected.  In the event this occurs, your order will have to be canceled followed by a request you re-enter your order so accurate shipping fees can be collected at the time of transaction.