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A minimum purchase of $10.00 is required for processing. This does not include Shipping Fees and Taxes.

Sterling Minerals offers our remarkably formulated mineral makeup at an affordable price, yet we recommend you try our inexpensive samples to see what works best for you in color, foundation formula and on performance for your skin type. There is no limit on samples with your initial trial order of discovering what shade is best. A trial sample order is always recommended, especially for those with sensitive skin issues.  Once you discover your best shade match and formula, you can easily transition to full-size jars.


Sample limit restrictions will apply when purchasing multiples of same color or repeat orders of same shades instead of full-size products beyond your initial trial of any new shade choice.  Once you've enjoyed your new trial samples and have decided on the best shade match, please purchase full-size jars with your next order. Repeat orders with same shades in samples will either be canceled or removed from order and a credit placed on your account toward your next purchase.


  • We Protect Your Personal Information From Being Misused, Accessed, Lost, Altered, Disclosed or Destroyed
  • We Are Encrypted with Secure Socket Layer Technology (AES-256 Encryption)
  • We Are PCI-DSS Compliant and Managed By The PCI Security Standards Council Supported By All Major Credit Card Services
  • We Use Encrypted Payment Gateways (PayPal and To Protect Safe Data Entry
  • We Only Use Credit Card Data To Allow You To Place An Order With Us
  • We Do Not Store Your Credit Card Information Once Order Is Complete
  • Sterling Minerals Follows PCI-DSS Requirements To Ensure Safe Handling Of Your Credit Card Information

To ensure a complete secure transaction, all orders placed through our site do require a valid email and phone number.  If we determine one or both are deemed invalid or suspicious, the order will not process, followed by cancellation.  We will attempt to notify you of this issue to prevent delayed processing and / or cancellation.


  • For International Orders We Require A Credit Card With Matching Shipping / Billing Address
  • We Are Able To Process Orders Using SKYPAX Freight Forwarding Concierge Services To Have Orders Shipped Overseas
  • Foreign Phone Numbers and Foreign Issued Credit Cards Will Not Be Accepted For U.S. Purchases. Please Use SKYPAX Concierge Services
  • U.S. Credit Cards Or Pseudo U.S. Phone Numbers May Not Be Used For Foreign Purchases
  • PayPal Accounts Will Need "Confirmed" Matching Billing and Shipping Address

PayPal works well and is accepted wherever PayPal is available.  We will contact you to obtain further information if your PayPal info is not confirmed.  We advise you avoid using HOTMAIL for your email in foreign transactions since they do cause problems with processing and shipping notices.


  • Orders Are Processed Throughout Our Business Day And Shipped Within 1-3 Business Days upon receipt of your order. 
  • We Are Open Monday thru Thursday 9 am to 4 pm Mountain Standard Time, and we can be reached by email 7 days a week.
  • Delays May Occur Due To Seasonal, Weather, Technical Difficulties or Unforeseen Circumstances Beyond Our Control

For Shipping time frames and rates and more on 3rd party shipper SKYPAX for international orders, please see our SHIPPING POLICY


Our Gift Certificates can only be used for products located at online store.  They are electronically created and emailed to the recipient at the time of purchase.  They may be used in combination for a single order, or multiple times as long as a balance remains.  Gift Certificates cannot be exchanged for cash and the unused balance is stored on your account to be used toward your next purchase.

Please make sure to download or print a copy of your Gift Certificate for safe keeping as Gift Certificates are non-transferable and they cannot be replaced if they are lost.  A specific gift code is issued for just your Gift Certificate purchase along with the expiration date.  A Gift Certificate, whole or in part of the unused balance is nonrefundable if it is not redeemed before the 90 days of expiration.  You may review the instructions for redeeming your code HERE.


  • We Are Unable To Accept Requests For Changing Purchase Totals
  • We Are Required To State Full Value Of Your Shipment And Not Falsify Documents Under U.S. Code: Title 13: Section 305
  • Sending A Package As A Gift To Another Party, They Will Be Responsible For Duties or Taxes On The Package
  • We Provide Shipping Documents For Customs and They Need To Match Your Invoice Totals
  • Insured Purchases Need To Match Invoice and Documents Also In Case Of Customs Inspection or Loss or Damage
  • Order Will Be Subject To Cancellation If One Of These Purchase Requests Are Made With Your Order

Seizure or automatic return of the shipment may be mandated and may cause penalties against us and prevent us from being able to ship internationally in the future, and it is why we will not honor these requests. 

This type of request may also affect your ability to order with us in the future so we may avoid any problems once shipment is received in destination country, such as a refusal to pay duties, taxes or brokerage fees based on that request and forcing return or disposal of the package.


If you should wish to cancel your order, please notify us immediately.  Orders are processed in a timely manner which can include weekends to prevent a backlog, and depending on their status, may already be packaged and awaiting shipment.  A 20% Restock / Processing Fee will be deducted from your refund if the order has PROCESSED and is already in "AWAITING SHIPMENT" status.  However, in the event your order has shipped, you would simply follow our Returns Policy.


Unfortunately, due to the order process within our shopping cart, we are unable to make changes to an existing order.  If you should require something else, please place a new order and new shipping charges will be applied.  If you ordered something in error or missed adding an item you wanted, you can help prevent processing by notifying us immediately at 7 days a week. For a problem with an order, please send us an email for fastest response. We will do our best to fix the error or combine the second order with the existing one to save on additional shipping costs.  If we were able to make the change to your order, we will place a credit of your additional shipping charge on your account to be used toward your next purchase.

"AWAITING SHIPMENT" STATUS: If your order has already processed and is currently awaiting shipment, then no further changes can be made to your order.  To keep our order process fluid and accurate, we are unable to make exceptions for a "change order" request once the order is updated to this status.

Please review your order carefully before submitting.  In the event your order has shipped then please follow our Return Policy.

PLEASE NOTE: Free Shipping offer will be null and void when combining multiple orders into one shipment due to additional processing.


DOMESTIC: Due to the nature of organic, natural ingredients within our ONATI Skin Care, we recommend purchasing your skincare items before our summer months.  To shorten shipping time frames, any ONATI skin care item included in an order that is placed after mid-week, that order will be held until the following Monday.  This is to avoid USPS Priority weekend processing delays.  Our products have been successfully delivered domestically for many years without any weather-related issues.  However, in the event of a USPS delay of your order beyond our control, we cannot guarantee against any viscosity issues with the skincare products during the summer months.

INTERNATIONAL: In the event any skin care item is included in an International order, we typically will ship these Priority International depending on your region.  We recommend that overseas orders be placed during times of mild or cold weather, and if summer is approaching, then purchasing enough to carry you thru the summer is our best advice.  Delays in customs can and will happen and in the event skin care is improperly stored while in the care of customs or the postal service of that nation, it could potentially cause a viscosity issue with the products, such as separation thru melting while sitting in a customs warehouse.  Customs care of your package is beyond our control, and we will not be held responsible for any replacement, credit or refund.  The customer accepts this possibility during periods of summer heat and agrees to ordering skin care items at their own risk.


We are required to collect sales tax of 6% for items sold in IDAHO added to sales total. Prices are subject to change without notice.