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Do You Offer Mineral Makeup Samples?


Mineral Makeup Samples ~ Simple Way To Find Your Shade

We want to turn that frown upside down by helping you find your shade before buying a full-size mineral makeup.  It is never any fun dealing with having to discard them if they don't work out.  Plus, there is no limit on samples during your trial period.  Once your shade and formula are discovered, then you can transition comfortably to full size jars.  

SAMPLE POLICY:  Please be aware Sample limit restrictions will apply when purchasing multiples of same color or repeat orders of same sample shades in lieu of full-size products beyond your trial period. Repeat orders with same shades in samples will either be canceled or removed from order and a credit placed on your account for your next purchase.

If you're a newbie to our mineral makeup products, this Jojoba Oil article will help explain what your individual experience might be with your foundation makeup and what to expect.  Jojoba Oil (wax ester) natural elements and benefit to your skin.

Due to our customer feedback, we have actually made purchasing mineral makeup samples much easier.  By placing them with our full-size products, you can simply 'shop and go' quickly with the 'click' of a button. 

Once you click on your shade choice, you'll notice a radio button for Full Size or Sample after the description of the color in all products.  Just click on the button next to the SAMPLE choice and it will modify the price.  Then simply click on 'ADD To BAG'.

How Much Sample Product Will I Receive?

In each category there is a description of the color with photos that are representative of a full-size product and not an indication of the amount a customer will receive in their sample.  The actual amount received is approximately 1/10th of the weight of a full-size jar to slightly more.  Eye Color Shades are available in full size only.

Samples come in a 5-gram sifter jar and the amount will vary depending on the area of the face the sample is chosen for.  Regardless of the calibrated amount, they should last easily 7 days and beyond.  If using the moist method application for your foundation, the color and coverage will be more intense, whereby using less product.  Usage time frames are dependent on how heavy or light an application technique is used.


We hope this brief explanation will assist you with locating all of our samples and what you can expect in the amount received.

~Thank you~