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Mineral Makeup Foundation Moist Method Application


The Preferred Method For Applying Mineral Makeup Foundation

This technique will provide easy application for your Mineral makeup and you'll achieve the ultimate finish to the face with flawless perfection. You'll experience exceptional coverage, while it instantly sets the minerals. The moist method will give the mineral makeup a soft creamy feel and performs similarly to pressed powder when applied. It is rapidly becoming the fastest and most popular method.

There are some that worry about using a moisturizer if they have oily skin or acne. However, For best results and to avoid a chalky appearance, we always recommend using some type of additional silicone free moisturizer for best adherence before each application. (Avoid moisturizers containing silicone, dimethicone and / or cyclomethicone). These will interfere with the melding of the minerals to your skin. Women with acne have had excellent results and performance with our ONATI Skin Care line. You can customize the coverage easily and they are impossible to cake no matter how hard you may try.  You can view multiple Video Tutorials At Our YouTube Channel.

Prefer liquid Makeup?  We provide a great tutorial on perfecting a non drying flawless finish with your minerals using your moisturizer like a liquid foundation.


Moist Method Application:

  • Step 1: Tap the amount of minerals you desire onto your plate and get out your fine mist bottle filled with either Distilled Water or our Perfect Balance Facial Toner to use to not only set your powders, but to apply them.  Prepare your face with cleansing, toning and moisturizing to create the best canvas for application of color.  Remember, with our mineral powders you do not need to wait for the moisturizer to be completely absorbed like with other mineral makeup brands.  In fact, it only better serves you for increased adherence to skin. 
  • Step 2: Take your Buki Brush, Flat Top Buffer or Jumbo Buffer and lightly spray moisture onto the bristles.  Usually 2 to 3 pumps will do it and hold the bottle about 8 inches from the brush.  You do not want your brush saturated or "wet" feeling since this will only make "mud" of your minerals.
  • Step 3: After spraying the brush, then lightly sweep brush quickly across the palm of your hand to disperse moisture droplets evenly across the bristles.  Dip into your mineral powders and they will grab onto the moist brush, perhaps more than you may be used to.  Don't worry though, since the minerals will disperse beautifully across the face and will not cake, or you can tap off the excess if you wish.

NOTE: If you reduce the powders to a smattering out of a concern for caking, you will simply use fewer sprays on the brush. More moisture, more powder....less moisture, less powder. The powders are quite accommodating to your application desires. Also once mastered, this is by far the fastest method of application as well.

BEAUTY TIP: If you wish to use water instead of our Perfect Balance Facial Toner, then follow step 1 and never use Tap Water, only Distilled since "Tap" will leave skin feeling dry, chalky and itchy due to the mineral content it contains. 

  • Step 4: Now gently press to the face all areas of the skin for initial coverage.  Continue to gently press and sweep blending toward your T-zone (center of forehead, nose, chin areas).  If you didn't get enough, repeat the process again.  Once you have achieved correct placement of your minerals, lightly buff to even out the application and disperse remaining color into hairline, neck, and décolleté areas.

We recommend the moist method for mineral foundations and mineral veils, yet mineral blush can also be applied with a spritz of moisture to the face for popping and intensifying the shade and then blended some more. The cooling effect of the Rice Powder when moistened is incredible and very soothing to the skin. Spraying moisture over your mineral powders will set all of your makeup and give you a clean, healthy looking complexion. The results are so natural, it is truly the optimum look one can achieve.

Remember: Our mineral powders do not require endless buffing to apply them. Over buffing can essentially remove them from the skin. Always just Press, Sweep, and Buff lightly....that is all that is needed. Our mineral powders are essentially goof proof!

BEAUTY TIP: You can also spritz directly to the skin or apply a dab of additional moisturizer to the face and then apply your foundation.  This further reduces powder fallout and creates a beautiful creamy foundation finish.  Never worry about your mineral foundation caking or grabbing.  Our minerals can always be buffed out to perfection without streaking or a blotchy effect.

Caution: Do not use this method to apply our bronzer since these are designed for gradual color intensity and not for coverage. You will end up with a less than perfect application if these are applied to damp skin or with "moist" method. Streaking or splotching will occur. It is best to apply spray mist to the finished face to set the minerals and to deepen the color faster.

Just relax with the process and have fun!