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General Mineral Makeup, Skincare, & Beauty Insider FAQ's

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Beauty Insider; No Mineral Makeup, Skincare or Any Beauty Question Is Ever Silly

Do you love the beauty industry to distraction like we do and want to get the scoop on any news that relates to all things beauty, including the latest innovation?

Or maybe you're just interested in learning more about mineral makeup, skincare products or just assistance with the best beauty regimens?

Are you tired of being placed on HOLD forever by those that can't answer questions about their own products, or waiting for a reply to your very basic emailed questions for hours, sometimes days?

Or maybe you feel like you're all thumbs with basic application, or struggle when it comes to understanding how mineral makeup and skincare products work on the skin overall?

Looking good never need be a daunting or time consuming task.  Ask and you shall receive!

We Are Tireless Beauty Researchaholics and Mineral Makeup Mavens

We do all the leg work for you.  We research our beauty industry constantly, sometimes debunking beauty industry myths in the process.  It may not always be the answer we were looking for, but it will always be factual and without industry hype.

And of course, we are the complete resource for all things mineral makeup, skincare or just beauty stuff.  As questions come to us we answer them immediately whether by phone or email, followed by working diligently to share those answers with other women so they too can benefit, and post them here.  Just click on any question below that you feel relates closely to your own, or write or call us with a new one.

If you don't find what you are looking for in this category, check Mineral Makeup and Skincare Ingredient FAQ's where we provide science based articles as they pertain to specific ingredients, Beauty Tips shared by our beauty experts and other women that have discovered their newfound talent with their beauty regimen, or Mineral Makeup Foundation FAQ's if you want to learn more about 'how to' use or 'what to' choose.  And last but certainly not least, our Skincare Education for assisting you with taking care of your skin, skin ailments, the ultimate skincare regimen and keeping skin looking and feeling its' best everyday.


Purchasing samples of our mineral makeup products is now easier than ever.  We found location is key and based on customer feedback when designing our new cart, we learned many wanted us to create a 'time saving' experience.  We hope you enjoy the new cart design and location of our samples for ease of shopping and quick checkout.

Our Starter Kits Have Arrived! Great diversity in mineral makeup starter kits, allowing you to create a customized makeup look.  Customers have been asking us for awhile now, and we are pleased to announce they are now live for our clients. 

We have strongly considered selling our mineral makeup brand on Amazon, including the newest platform, the Indie Beauty Shop. Once we did our homework on how to control quality, freshness and connecting with our customers, we feel we arrived at the best decision.  We weighed the pros and cons and we will share this with you, our valued customer.

 Expiration Dates On Mineral Makeup Products Have Some Significance.  When purchasing your mineral makeup, you may notice many other brands offered across the internet, state their products have no expiration date, or have indefinite shelf life.  There are circumstances that deteriorate mineral makeup products and it is important to know what they are.

Did you know that mineral makeup products do lose their potency after opening the jar?  There is a certain amount of care required to preserve the best color and freshness for the longest time possible.  Learn why and what types of mineral makeup products are not completely indestructible.

Preservatives in mineral makeup products are unnecessary and can cause skin problems. Yet certain mineral makeup products may need and use them but they are not safer, and in fact can become the dirtiest mineral application you can use. 

Chemical free mineral makeup, skincare and personal care products has become the popular mantra throughout "all natural" ingredient campaigns.  Aren't you tired of being 'scared' by marketers?  Let us help you with the answers.  We'll provide you the truth based on actual science as to the reality behind the claims of "chemical free" products.

This claim is pure marketing by some mineral makeup brands, giving the appearance the FDA endorses their products so they must be safe, yet this tactic is illegal under FDA law.  We explain how the FDA works and what they actually do certify, and it isn't a cosmetic manufacturing facility / laboratory.

Does using sunscreen prevent aging or cancer of the skin? The answer might surprise you research shows. Using mineral makeup can boost your protection against the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun by providing broad spectrum minerals that sustain and remain throughout the day.

Mineral makeup can be an irritant for some women, however we offer you an alternative mineral makeup for achieving beautiful skin without irritation.  We'll explain the difference and give you the easiest application advice to help to curb future irritation and control acne breakouts.

There are many factors which contribute to ongoing acne breakouts, and some unconscious habits which create intermittent bouts, causing confusion as to the cause.  Not all mineral makeup products are alike, and the same applies to skincare products.  Find out what your options are and how to avoid acne breakouts.

We realize the significance of terms like "hypoallergenic" and "noncomedogenic" when used to try and describe a benefit for many cosmetics and skincare products sold globally.  However, are these terms founded on science or simply a type of marketing tactic to make you think a certain product is safer than others.

Women with psoriasis have been able to enjoy our mineral makeup formulations successfully without further complications.  In fact, our mineral cosmetics improved their appearance and created better texture and softness to the skin.  It's all in the mineral makeup formula!

Women with rosacea are concerned about using anything that will cause their skin further irritation or to create a rosacea flare up.  The benefits of our mineral makeup has women overwhelmingly pleased with the results they get with our minerals.  Plus we have seen new science research giving hope for a cure.

There are many mineral makeup companies which make the claim, "so gentle and safe, you can even sleep in it."  Not necessarily, and it is important to understand what can really happen to skin when we do this.  Yet there are ways to wear it round the clock with just one simple step.

Our mineral makeup is excellent for use following most cosmetic procedures.  However, there are certain ones that would require a physicians advice, depending on how much and how deep the facial tisse is affected.

Mineral eye shadow or blush are excellent for boosting cheek color or to correct a certain skin tone.  They can add dimension and beauty to the face by illuminating it and providing a dewy finish to the skin.

Does your lipstick or mineral blush change color or shift to something else after you have worn it for a bit?  This phenomenon does happen, though rarely, yet we can help you correct this problem through a simple tweaking of color selection and possibly changing certain products you use on your face.

Our lip gloss is perfect for keeping skin soft and moist while providing lovely, rich pigment.  We have infused them with natural butters, oils and iron oxides.  We'll explain to you the important differences between a synthetically created lipstick and a natural one, so you too can enjoy the perfect pout.

If you get overwhelmed by the multitude of lip colors when going to your drug store, or even if you shop other brands online, the choices can be daunting.  We have simplified the task with our natural organically derived Creme Lip Lacquer lip gloss for creating soft, luscious lips that can be warn easily by all women. 

Learn what other mature women have been saying to us about their past use of BareMinerals aged their skin and caused other problematic issues with their faces, such as increased bouts of cystic acne and rosacea flares.  We'll show you the ingredient that is mainly to blame, yet is simple to remove from your mineral makeup regimen.

A bit of mystery surrounds the mineral makeup brush industry when it comes to the actual definition of "cruelty free" brushes.  We reveal the truth about what is a 'cruelty free' brush and what isn't.  The stunning reality of the fur trade market might surpise and shock you at the same time.

We abhor this practice and we do no utilize raw ingredient suppliers that continue with this practice.  There is also more to this story when it comes to product testing which includes proposed legislation.  Please learn more on how to completely stop inhumane treatment of animals since it will take a collective effort to do so.