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Can I Use Eye Shadow Or Blush On Other Parts Of The Face?


Eye Shadow And Blush Create Divine Face Color

All of our mineral eye shadows are safe when used for external purposes, and can be used on the cheeks for that extra shimmer or an enchanted evening glow.  However, not all of the eyeshadow colors should be used on the face unless you enjoy purple skin, like the cookie monster, or a lovely green gargoyle look.

There are shades we recommend as a face color or a cheek booster within the product description of the any specific color you are reviewing which are ideal for that extra "pizazz" of the skin, such as a brightening quality, or a more enhanced dewy appearance on the face.

Mineral Blush colors can also be used on the eyes or as an all over face color.  Although we don't describe our blush to be used on the eyes, but mostly as a face color for brightening skin, correcting skin tone, or warming the complexion, there isn't any ingredient used within the formulations that would be a problem for use on the eyes.

Mineral makeup products are ideal due to their versatility, and are typically safe for use everywhere on the skin.  Minerals will create a luminosity to the face which is what gives skin a more youthful appearance and who doesn't want that as we age.  So if you love to experiment then revel in that enjoyment since mineral makeup can be fun to use once you see the benefits it yields.

BONUS: Eye shadow mineral makeup can also be used to make your nail polish match your eye color and we can show you how.

Lip Color Caution: In regard to using mineral pigments on your lips, we don't recommend boosting a lipstick or gloss shade with our eyeshadow since they are comprised of more than just colored mica.  The use of one of our lipsticks or lip shine products are created specifically for being safe to use on the mouth, and will give you the desired effect of either moist shimmery lips or more of a matte finish with a hint of shimmer.

Other than that have a blast experimenting with any mineral makeup pigment you love!