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Creating Mineral Makeup Eyeshadow Looks


It's Easy To Duplicate Eye Shadow Looks

Women have sent us eyeshadow photos in the past requesting color matches within our large palette of mineral eye colors.  So we have decided to create this mineral makeup eyeshadow category for women wishing to change up their look by copying a beautiful eye shadow creation they've seen in either a magazine, blog or online.

All you have to do is take a peek at the many looks we have shown and will show in the future as this library grows, or send us a photo of the look you wish.  We will guide you to the shades you'll need to copy or create something similar to that "must have" eye makeup. 

Nothing shows off an eye shadow shade better than to see it on a certain skin tone or the finished frame work of the eye, especially incredible shades that boost the natural iris color of our eyes. 

This area of mineral makeup color is so diverse and large we decided to dedicate an entire category to it.  We will also include eyeshadow application tutorials and how to foil an eyeshadow shade for creating intense rich shades or to reduce a shimmer effect and enjoy subtlety of the same color.  Nothing is more easy than working with our mineral makeup eye shadows. 

DISCLAIMER: Some looks cannot be duplicated since we do not use glitter, carmine, or lakes and dyes.


You'll look at purple a whole new way with this tutorial.  Never garish or overstated, just sheer beauty!

An evening out, daytime wear or to glam up your eyes for the Holidays, this tutorial will make your eyes pop!

A great eyeshadow look to appear younger, reshape the eyes, or enjoy a finish of sophistication.  Absolutely Gorgeous!

Beautiful look showing you how to incorporate these beloved mineral eye color shades with alternative choices for a more rich, intense look.

Our mineral eyeshadows can also be used to create an eye liner no matter the shade.  We recommend the mineral pigment best suited for this.

Great tutorial on how you can use your mineral makeup eyeshadow to create matching nail color to your eyes or just to make a new nail polish shade.

This provides great tips on getting the most out of your mineral eyeshadow, including ways to make the color last all day. 

Are you looking at a drawer full of old eyeshadow?  We have great ways to use up your old eye shadow so you don't have to throw them out.