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Mineral Eyeshadow Using Golds & Nudes For A Soft, Youthful Look

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In Love With Soft Eyeshadow Looks Using Golds And Nudes

This favorite multi faceted eye makeup look will perform several tasks for achieving a lovely finish for the eyes all women can wear and can be transitioned from day into the night.

  1. Women that don't like a lot of eye makeup or simply want to look stunning without overstating their mineral eyeshadow, this look is perfect for everyday wear.
  2. Women of mature years will enjoy the lift they get in the eye, helping to appear younger and more bright eyed.
  3. It is also perfect for close set eyes giving the appearance of the eyes being further apart than they really are.

Eyeshadows Shades From Our Color Palettes: Golds, Nudes

  • Eyelid - Cream Latte (semi matte peachy nude)
  • Crease - Treasure Chest (rich shifting golds deepened with hints of black and gray)
  • Browbone - Crystal (polished white with pearlescent sheen)

For dramatic effect if you wish to line the eye then choose our mineral eyeshadow Drama Queen from our dark shades.

To Achieve The Look

Apply your nude eyeshadow shade of Cream Latte to your entire lid, staying completely within the framework of the eyelid. 

Then with just a dot or two of Treasure Chest eye shadow, apply in the crease staying within the outer V of the eye, coming back in with just a touch on the lower V of the lid, yet making sure not to go past the inner outer edge of the iris.  Don't worry about intensity of this shade since you will be blending and softening with your last color.

Now apply the eye color shade of Crystal on the browbone, continuing to follow through to the inner corner of the eye, smudging into the corner of the lower lid just a bit.  As you gently blend into the top of your crease shade, you'll notice the softening effect is immediate and quite beautiful.

Adjust color accordingly to your desires of whether you want to wear for the day or an evening out.  Our mineral eye colors are very blendable and easy to use.  Don't forget about applying with a moist brush or to a damp eyelid for a more intense effect, which also creates a more matte or metallic finish, depending on the shade and your technique.