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Mineral Makeup Eye Color

Our 100% Vegan Friendly, Gluten Free Rose Bloom Eye Color offers a large palette of mineral eyeshadow


Let your creative side shine with our diverse Eye Shadow colors

You will enjoy a rich earthy, warm to bright and shimmery eye color palette.  You can create subtle eye shading effects to be bold and smoky or subdued and soft.  Show off your sexy wild-side, or be casually sophisticated to reflect your unique personality.

Watch your mineral eye shadow bloom as varying light creates iridescent, vibrancy of sheer beauty with every shade.  Discover our foiling method for best results or to create certain looks with our Mineral Eyeshadow Tutorials.

As an added benefit, our gentle mineral eyeshadow formulas can help to soothe, condition and conceal dry itchy eyelids.

Certain shades of our Rose Bloom Eye Color you can use to tweak a mineral foundation shade, enhance your favorite mineral makeup blush, or give your skin a beautiful glow as an all over face color.  The possibilities are endless!

Our eyeshadows aren't just colored mica but a perfect blend of mineral base, iron oxides and mica combined, for color that lasts all day.  So gorgeous, you can't stop at just one.  Start your collection today!