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Mineral Makeup Ingredients

We use hand selected minerals and botanicals of the highest standard to create a rose petal softness and healthy glow to the skin. Our formulas will provide skin softness without dryness. They will also hide skin imperfections caused by acne, rosacea, sun damage or cosmetic surgery without looking heavy or caked, providing a flawless finish. Our Sterling Minerals Makeup is highly water and transfer resistant. However, every Ingredient used removes easily with soap and water.

Excluded from our formulations: Bismuth Oxychloride (Learn Why), Talc, Dyes, Lakes, Parabens, Fragrance, Sulfates, Cornstarch, Dimethicone Derivatives, Film Forming Waxes, Phosphates, Chemical Preservatives, Silk Powder, Silica, Carmine, or any other irritating synthetic or organic ingredients.

A complete ingredient list is provided with every mineral makeup product on our site. Only the ingredients listed below are used in Sterling Minerals.

Titanium Dioxide (Rutile non-nano): We use this untreated / uncoated Mineral as one of our main ingredients in our foundations. This provides excellent coverage in our products and will refract light creating a lovely brightness to the skin. This will help hide the many imperfections some women may have acquired over the years, while giving an overall healthy glow without shine.

Zinc Oxide (non-nano): We use this untreated / uncoated Mineral as one of our main ingredients to protect the skin. It adds smoothness and texture to the minerals, while also giving a sheer translucent effect to the mineral makeup. Depending on its' use, it can create flawless skin without added irritation to very sensitive skin types.
Rice Powder: We chose this botanical as our main ingredient in place of inexpensive cornstarch in our Satin Rose Veil and Bronzer due in part to its inert, lightweight, translucence and slow oil absorbing properties. But the main reason is, because it is so gentle and pure and it is a non irritant, making Rice Powder excellent for women with rosacea and / or acne. It is also part of our “Rose Petal Foundations” and “Evening Rose Veil”. It has nice moisture control from perspiration or humidity. It is a skin softening emollient and gives a protective veil of silken rose petal softness to the skin, leaving your face with a porcelain shine free finish. We only use Kosher Grade Modified Rice Powder and it is completely odor free.

Methicone: This offers excellent skin protection and is comprised of polymerized siloxanes which are a mixture of inert, inorganic – organic polymer micro-spheres used to give a ball bearing effect to the Mica in our minerals and aids in prevention of Trans-Epidermal Moisture Loss on skin. Silicones are often mistakenly confused with Silicon (silica).

Methicone, due to it's polymer structure, floats over skin and temporarily creates beautiful soft focus (optical blurring) and a younger looking complexion by hiding fine lines and wrinkles. It is also extremely water repellent.

Methicone will not clog pores or cause acne and is excellent at preventing micro abrasion to the skin that may be caused by mica and will provide protection to other skin lesions (acne, rosacea, etc) reducing irritation. Methicone will leave skin feeling incredibly silken, soft and supple. It provides adhesion and wonderful slip for even coverage when applying our minerals. We also use this for reducing skin irritation in women which can occur from Titanium Dioxide used in mineral makeup.

Kaolin Clay: This Mineral is the purest and mildest of all clays and is translucent when used in many skin formulations. It offers moisture control for keeping the skin fresh looking after that workout. It also has nice oil absorbing properties without drying out the skin and helps to reduce shine on the face. It does not pull the natural oils from the skin, but only absorbs excess so it can be used by those with dry skin as well. It leaves the face feeling incredibly soft and also makes an excellent primer for those with excessively oily skin. Our Delicate Mineral Foundation formula is Kaolin Free for those that may be sensitive to this ingredient.

Iron Oxides: These are inorganic pigments approved for use in cosmetics. Organic Natural Oxides do not exist except when found in fruits and vegetables but are not feasible for use in cosmetics. Iron Oxides begin in a natural state which are then processed and refined in order to be able to use them in cosmetics, therefore, they are no longer in their natural state. The FDA strictly regulates Iron Oxides sold in cosmetics so that we know they are approved to be safe for the skin. Iron Oxides are what create the uncompromised shades to our Foundations and the beautiful rich pigments of our blushes and eye shadows.

Micas: These are a naturally occurring mineral which have a natural composition of flat plate like structure possessing many earth tone shades providing the luminescent glow, sparkle, shimmer, or a semi-matte appearance to products. All these variations are accomplished due to the finished product after the milling procedure. They create the reduced appearance of fine lines by reflecting light, giving a “soft focus” to the skin and were used centuries ago by the ancient Egyptians. Plus, the mica we use in our mineral makeup except for when adding colored mica (eyeshadows), it is surface treated with methicone to prevent irritation or to prevent what some women believe is an allergic reaction to mica in their mineral makeup.

Boron Nitride: This is an inert, inorganic, mineral that is a compound made from Boron; an essential plant nutrient, and is an ultra-trace mineral which is found in fruit and vegetables, taken up from the soil they are grown in. It is found in abundance in the Mineral Ore, Borax, which through synthesis with Nitrogen creates Boron Nitride. BN powders have been found in Independent Laboratory Studies to have shown it to be extremely safe for use in cosmetics worldwide. Please ignore ridiculous nonscientific opinions that Boron Nitride somehow increases testosterone in the body without any science to support this claim. Our selection of different formulas of BN powders was based on using those of the highest purity creating lubricious application to aid in adhesion of the minerals, prevention of moisture loss, and to aid in correcting problems associated with different skin types. We found this one inorganic mineral to be far superior to anything else available on the market today for achieving optimal results on the skin. The different BN powders are used in our Foundations to assist in correcting 3 different skin types; Dewy Rose Petal ~ combination skin, Delicate Rose Petal ~ dry, sensitive skin, Velvet Rose Petal ~ oily skin. BN powders are very hydrophobic and extremely gentle for very sensitive skin types as well.


Allantoin: Our Allantoin is a botanical extract from Comfrey and it is soothing to skin conditions such as rosacea, chapped, chafed, cracked, acne prone and sunburned skin.

Jojoba Oil: Our Jojoba Oil is Organically Grown Cold Pressed / Unrefined and is added to our Foundation Formulas. Due to its characteristics, it has an indefinite shelf life since it is actually a wax ester and not a vegetable oil, so it will not turn rancid and is not subject to oxidation. Our Jojoba oil is 100% pure and is the only oil found to have the closest affinity with the skin. It is soothing to those with acne, rosacea and sebborheic dermatitis. Women with any skin type can use Jojoba, including those with oily skin. Jojoba is excellent for dissolving pore clogging sebum and for restoring your skins' natural pH balance. Jojoba oil is a powerful anti-oxidant and is rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin C and contains minerals of Chromium, Copper, and Zinc. It mimics our own sebum, and will act as a replacement for the loss of natural oils and collagen as our skin matures, making it excellent for fighting wrinkles. It aids in smoothing surface roughness, flakiness and fine lines. It further aids in reinforcing your skins outer layer, (the Epidermis) and when mixed with the skins natural oils aids in reducing further moisture loss, keeping skin soft and supple. Although it creates a skin barrier it will leave an oil free, velvety feel to the skin. This is also included in our Evening Rose Veil. Along with all of its benefits, it is excellent for greatly reducing mineral makeup fly away.

Ultramarines: In historic times the color Ultramarine Blue was made by crushing the semi-precious stone Lapis Lazuli. However, today it is created synthetically under strict FDA guidelines for pigments in cosmetics and is determined a safe colorant. Ultramarine Pink and Ultramarine Violet are also used in coloring cosmetics. They are manufactured by mixing Kaolin Clay, Sodium Carbonate, and Sulfur, and then heated with high temperatures to get the once characteristic shade created out of Lapis Lazuli. Not recommended for use in products for the lips.