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Why Do You Use Jojoba Oil In Your Mineral Makeup?

The Elements Of Jojoba Oil

Our Jojoba Oil is Organically Grown Cold Pressed / Unrefined and is added to our mineral makeup foundation formulas only.  Due to its characteristics it has an indefinite shelf life since it is actually a wax ester and not a vegetable oil, so it will not turn rancid and is not subject to oxidation.  Our Jojoba oil is 100% pure and certified organic and is an oil found to have the closest affinity with our skin.

It is soothing to those with acne, rosacea, psoriasis and sebborheic dermatitis.  Women with any skin type can use Jojoba oil, including those with oily skin.  Jojoba is actually quite excellent for dissolving pore clogging sebum and for restoring your skins natural pH balance.

Jojoba oil is also a powerful anti-oxidant and is rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and contains minerals of Chromium, Copper, and Zinc.  It mimics our own sebum and will act as a replacement for the loss of natural oils and collagen as our skin matures, making it excellent for fighting wrinkles.  It aids in smoothing surface roughness, flakiness and fine lines.  It further aids in reinforcing your skins outer layer, (the Epidermis) and when mixed with the skins natural oils aids in reducing further moisture loss, keeping skin soft and supple. 

Although it creates a skin barrier it will leave an oil free, velvety feel to the skin.  This is also included in our “Evening Rose Veil".  Along with all of its benefits it is excellent for greatly reducing mineral makeup fly away.

What's That I Feel In My Mineral Makeup Foundation?

With the use of Jojoba Oil in your foundation and the fact it is a wax ester, it has the ability to solidify in temperatures below 50 degrees.  It is also used to create pressed powders.  At times you may even be able to feel a tiny bead like texture with your mineral makeup foundation if rubbed between the fingers.  Rest assured, this is not anything which will cause abrasion to the skin, it is simply the Jojoba oil which has compressed into a tiny bead of makeup or due to cold temperatures has solidified a bit.

Jojoba Oil will naturally warm to the skin's body temperature and blend out smoothly and beautifully, leaving nothing but velvety softness to the touch.  In fact, you typically won't even feel it going against the face, but if you do it will transition to a soft finish once warmed.

What's That Subtle Aroma In My Minerals?

Due to the waxy nature of an unrefined version of Jojoba Oil, it is a clear golden yellow and it may lend a scent range of a subtle earthy, nutty, sweet, or waxy aroma to an otherwise completely neutral smell to the mineral powders depending on the perception and power of the nose.  Each personal experience can be different. 

A refined version of Jojoba Oil is clear and has no scent.  Although this may be a plus for dealing with scent in our foundation, it is unfortunately a cheaper version and is no longer raw and pure due to chemical changes occurring in the processes to refine it.  Whereby, stripping it of the very benefits we implement in our foundation makeup.

However, please rest assured, Jojoba Oil whether or not one detects a subtle aroma, does not turn rancid because it is not a true vegetable oil and detecting this aroma is actually indicative of the batch being quite fresh, so customers can feel confident in the knowledge it will not compromise their mineral makeup at all.  Depending on the varying pigments and minerals used, this slightly detectable scent can change from batch to batch, but it will dissipate after opening and with continued use of your minerals, and typically has no lasting aroma once applied to the skin. 

If you are unsure of using our mineral powders with Jojoba, we have made samples available so you will know if you will enjoy the way our minerals work and feel on the skin or what aroma may or may not be detected.

It is a treatment oil we simply cannot live without despite this typically odd characteristic Jojoba oil may have.  When it comes to the improvement it makes to our mineral makeup foundation formulas, there is no compromise for it's performance on skin toward a smoother feel and texture, and providing soothing comfort to many skin maladies.