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Business Practices

Sterling Minerals products are created with a combination of finely milled, soothing essential minerals and skin conditioning botanicals. Our mineral makeup is Gluten Free and does not contain nano-particles, perhaps aggravating pre-existing lung conditions. We provide a high level of safety in production for our staff and for personal use by our customers. We strive to create perfection in every batch as we control the formulations. Ingredients have been independently tested and are FDA approved safe for cosmetic use before being included in our exclusive mineral makeup line.

We comply with regulations and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards as set forth by the (FDA) Food and Drug Administration and the (EU) European Union Cosmetic Directive so we may ship our products worldwide.

Our mineral makeup is produced and stored in a non-smoking, climate controlled facility, maintaining low humidity and we practice excellent sanitation for delivering the purest in product. We do not process minerals or any other ingredients which have been proven to cause irritation to the skin. You can learn more on our mineral makeup ingredient page, and for our skincare view our ONATI ingredient page.

Our mineral makeup powders and skin care products are filled by weight and not volume, and are provided to you in airtight containers with tamper resistant seals for the freshest in loose mineral makeup and skin care products.

We do not offer our mineral makeup or skin care line for redistribution under private label in order to protect the integrity of these private brands and to assure our customers there are no substitutes. Our mineral makeup formulas are our own and unique to our company and available for retail purchase. Proper labeling of our minerals and skincare products are within FDA Guidelines. You will find our Company Name and Address of our business along with Name, Color, Product Description, Directions, Weight, and Warning labels when warranted, of each item and a clear list of all Ingredients on every mineral makeup and skin care product.

Brand integrity is always first and foremost for our customers and we are committed to continue with that promise by providing the best mineral makeup brand available.