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Sultry Eyes Created With Silvers, Black & Pink Mineral Eyeshadow


Sultry Eye In Silver, Black, Touch Of Gold or Pink Eye shadow

For duplicating this silvery glimmer mineral eye makeup beauty, it requires a bit of effort in creating the perfect look using a lovely mix of different loose mineral eye shadows, especially our silvers.  You'll also love the way it helps to brighten the eyes while avoiding increasing the appearance of dark under eye circles.

You can keep it simple if you want, but for the purposes of duplicating this mineral eye makeup look we will give you the exact technique and eye shadow shades you'll need. 

If you have never tried silver mineral eye shadows before, they are truly dazzling and make for the perfect enhancement to a formal evening out or for during the holiday season where everything seems to shimmer and sparkle.  You can soften or overstate these shades any way you wish with just a few minor tweaks or blending as much as you need.

What Eyeshadow Shades To Achieve This Look!

Eyeshadow Shades From Our Color Palettes of Silvers, Pinks, Nudes, Dark Shades

  • Eye Lid - Silver Cloud (smoky gray with a deep bluish undertone) Alternative: Pewter if you wish to have more of a darker gun metal look or Sterling Rose for a lighter, very clean silver.
  • Crease / Outer V - Drama Queen (true, clean black) Alternative: Raven if you want to have black with a dark blue undertone.
  • Lower Lash Line - Tuscan Sun (a showy bold gold with silver interference) Alternative:  Opal Essence for a pretty pink splash of color.
  • Optional - Sterling Rose (bright, pure silver) for softening the eyelid shade and for enhancing the inner corner of eye.
  • Brow Bone - Cream Latte (peachy nude) Alternative: Cameo for a subtle ivory shading to lift the eye or increase highlighting effect with Crystal or Sterling Rose for a showy shimmer.

Put It All Together!

For an intense shading effect, use the "foiling" method which will make the eye color incredibly rich.  If you desire softer shading and color intensity, then apply with a dry brush.  Remember, all of our shades are easily blended to your specific desires no matter your technique. 

Now layer the entire eyelid with Silver Cloud eye shadow, keeping it clear of the inner corner of the eye.  We like the optional shading using Sterling Silver by placing a touch in the corner of the eyes and blending into Silver Cloud to give a graduation of silver shading as we move toward the deeper recesses of the eyes. 

Next, apply in the crease and outer "V" of the eye using Drama Queen, bringing it down just a touch into the lower lash line, be sure to smudge and blend into your silver shade for a lovely smoky finish. 

Now apply a nice thin line of either Tuscan sun or Opal Essence to the lower lash line, gently blending into the inner and outer corner of the eyes.  The reason for doing this is to prevent under-eye circles from being created or made to look worse.  Since under-eye circles appear bluish gray naturally, then you never want to line the lower lashes using a gray shade. 

On the brow bone you can go with Cream Latte for a neutral highlighter, keeping the emphasis directly on the eyes, or use one of our brow bone alternative suggestions for really playing up the intensity of the gorgeous silver mineral eyeshadow shades.

You can complete the lining of the eyes using a damp, very thin tipped eyeliner brush using Drama Queen along the upper and lower lash line.

We feel this is an eye shadow mixture of silvers worth the extra time and effort.  Simply B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!