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Create Rich, Intense Eye Color With Mineral Eyeshadow


Mineral Makeup Eye Color Diversity

Many women still haven't discovered the complexities of mineral makeup eye shadows.  The color you see in the jar versus on the eyelid can appear completely different.  Application techniques will also alter the appearance of your eye shadow.  Some great ways to play up or tone down your eye color shade are as simple as different methods of application for getting a soft or intense look each and every time without having to change the actual color.

Beauty Tips: Methods For Different Looks

  • The Dry Method: This will make an eyeshadow shade softer, not as intense and if there is shimmer in the shade it may appear more sparkly.
  • The Moist Method: (aka foiled) Spritzing the eyelid or using a damp brush with distilled water will intensify an eyeshadow shade, or take a pearlescent or semi matte shade and make it appear more matte, softening the sparkle.  With a shimmery shade, the eye color will appear richer in tone increasing the shine without added sparkle, and the staying power is increased.
  • Ultimate Application: This is using our Vitamin Rich Facial Serum as a primer for the eyelids.  Simply massage a tiny dot into the eyelid and while the lid is still damp, apply the color of your choice either dry or with a damp brush and watch the eye shadow shade really come to life.  Shimmers become intense to the point of almost appearing metallic.  The staying power is increased immensely, semi matte shades become rich and deep with luscious color and the sheen is also reduced.

What if the serum dries before I finish applying my eye shadow?

Best part; with the our Vitamin Rich Facial Serum being used, you can simply reactivate it by spritzing the area with some distilled water, allowing you to finish the look you are going for.  Not only will you enjoy incredible looking eye shadow shades for creating gorgeous eyes, but you will also experience the benefits our facial serum has to offer.

Like all things you use, please check our list of ingredients to make sure your skin will do well and won't contribute to any skin sensitivities you may be experiencing at the time.