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Eyeshadows For Fall Color Using Coppery Brown & Gold Shades


In Love With Golds And Coppery Brown Eyeshadows For Fall

For creating this eyeshadow look it requires only 3 shades of eye color, yet we provide alternative shades depending on the finished look you wish to have.  It is one of the simpler looks to copy since it doesn't involve much dexterity, just a love for the colors.

Just apply and go!

Eye Shadow Shades From Our Color Palettes of  Golds, Browns, Creams

  • Eye Lid - Mermaid (rich gold with a slight shimmery green interference) Alternatives: Tuscan Sun for deeper reddish orange gold, or Chiffon for a clean true yellow gold.
  • Crease - Tiger Eye (brown bronze shade with a hint of copper)
  • Brow-bone - Cameo (soft ivory vanilla)

For dramatic effect if you wish to line the eye, you can dampen your brush to apply the Gold shade for a gorgeous finished look.

Achieving The Look

Place your gold eye shadow shade all over the lid. For more intensity of the gold tone, foil the shade with either a damp brush or spray the lid with distilled water and then apply.  You can also do a blend of two golds to achieve two tone gold effect. 

Next apply your brown eyeshadow shade in the crease blending it into the outer corner of the eye wrapping it down onto the lid and smudging gently the two shades together for softening the lines of color.  

Follow with your ivory eye shadow shade onto the brow and down into the corner of the eye for a brightening and widening effect to the eyes.  For a softer edge between the crease and the brow-bone, lightly apply over the upper edge of the brown shade to blur the look some more. 

For evening, keep the eyeshadow edges more sharp for better definition of the eye.