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Mineral Eyeshadow Beauty Using Purple In A Unique Way


Enjoy Purple Eyeshadow Without Looking Garish

Duplication of this gorgeous combination of purple with a touch of gold and silver is quick and simple and gives you the perfect show of color for that special day.  You'll also love the way it helps to brighten the eyes while giving you a look that is soft and sensuous.  Touch of color mixes allow us to explore shades we would otherwise avoid.

If purple has always seemed a bit garish, overstated or perhaps just too purple for you, this combination of shades used in this manner will give beauty to the eye without thinking in terms of a it having to be a completely pink / purple look in varying levels of the similar color tone. 

A touch of purple accent is absolutely enchanting and dazzling.  You can soften or overstate these shades any way you wish with just a few minor tweaks or blending as much as you need.  This particular look, the edges of each shade have been well blended together.

What Eyeshadow Shades To Achieve This Look!

Eyeshadow Shades From Our Color Palettes of Silvers, Golds, Nudes, Purples

  • Eye Lid / Lower Lash Line - Chiffon (clean, soft buttery gold) Alternative: Mermaid if you wish to have a touch of two tone color.
  • Crease / Outer V / Lower Lash Line - Destiny (deep, rich purple with blue violet undertones) 
  • Inner Corner Eye Lid - Silver Cloud (smoky gray with a deep bluish undertone) Alternative: Sterling Rose for a lighter, very clean silver.  Or for blendable contrast use Crystal.
  • Brow Bone / Optional - Cameo for a subtle ivory shading to lift the eye or increase highlighting effect with Crystal or Sterling Rose for a showy shimmer.

Put It All Together!

If you'll look closely, this shading is not only well blended but it is also defined in a series of "V" shapes.  So if you wish to get very creative, you essentially would place the eyeshadow shades in a type of zig zag on your eye lid.  For women with small eyelids, this could be a bit difficult so for the sake of keeping things simple we'll go with quick and easy.  When applying your eye shadows to the eyelid area avoid getting them into the crease of the eye for a cleanly defined crease.

First apply Chiffon to the center of your eyelid which only covers the Iris of the eye.  For achieving full bloom of this color or any one of them, you can apply with damp brush or mist your eyelid first with distilled water.  This technique is known as "foiling" your eyeshadow shades.

Now apply your Silver Cloud eye shadow or the other you may have decided to use to the inner corner of the eyelid making sure to not overdo it.  Just cover the area over the white of the eye.

Next, carefully apply Destiny to the outer area of the eyelid creating the "V" shape just above the white of the eye.  Do not carry across the upper crease just yet.  Shade this in to your liking and then proceed to take a fluffy eye shading brush and soften and blend the shades together for a blurred effect.

Now with the residual color of Destiny eye shadow on your brush, lightly move the shade backwards from the outer "V" to the inner corner of the eye following your crease line.  You will see the purple tone soften and blur and not be as intense as it is on the outer "V" of the lid.

You can now choose whether or not to use one of our brow bone colors or keep this area natural.  This is strictly preference and what finished look you wish to achieve.

Finally, place a line of Destiny, preferably foiled, to the lower lash line going from the outer corner to just to the middle of the Iris.  Next apply Chiffon from the inner corner of the eye to the center of the iris.  This technique gives the illusion of bright and beautiful wide set eyes.

Options with your lower lash line: For a brighter and larger appearance of the eye, use Chiffon across the entire lower lash line.  For a more defined smoky look, use only Destiny across the lower lash line.   Just remember that using a deep shade on a small eye will only make the eye look smaller.

Now that you look simply lovely, perhaps "purple" eye shadow will become your new signature color!