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What Lip Color Shades In Lipstick & Lip Shine Are Best?

With Our Lipstick And Lip Shine Shades, Selection Is Simple

Choosing a lipstick or lip shine is strictly personal preference of the shade you love.  But we must admit, we have helped to narrow it down for you. 

Our natural, organically derived Lipstick and Lip Shine are perfect for all the different skin tones of every ethnicity.  The reason is due to the color palette we have chosen.  

All lip colors whether deep or light in tone, are created around a neutral palette.  Never too red, too yellow, too plum, or too anything.  Since each shade has been created with the right balance of color with its' opposite on the color wheel, this provides a shade that will look gorgeous on just about any woman.  The shades are perfect and never overwhelming or eye popping.

No matter your preference, our lip color will enhance and compliment the face, and for best results layering is perfection.  Plus by adding a Lip Shine with a Lipstick you can change a shade ever so slightly creating a new one of your choosing. 

An added benefit of combining our natural organic lip products is having your lips get super moisturized.  You can see an example of shade mix suggestions viewing our Kissable Lip Shine Shade.

We also love our Lip Colors so much, time consuming experimentation was a must in order to create just the right shades of popularity by offering limited shade choices.  Plus, with a clickable image of a womans full lips on a neutral background, they are displayed nicely showing the true tonality of the shade, and each color can be magnified for the best perspective.  

Selection has never been made more simple!

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