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Are Your Mineral Makeup Brushes Really Cruelty Free?


Synthetic Mineral Makeup Brushes With Superior Feel And Luxurious Texture

Our mineral makeup brushes are only made from the finest synthetic fiber for providing the softest touch to skin, making application gentle and soothing.  They are not your usual Taklon synthetics since these have a stiffer feel and don't possess the soft application that our mineral makeup brushes provide.  The use of the new innovation of velvetized synthetic fibers also makes these vegan friendly and excellent for picking up mineral powders.  Animal hair makeup brushes are no longer necessary.

The Reality Behind Marketing "Cruelty Free" Makeup Brushes

There are many that sell mineral makeup brushes with the tag line, "cruelty free", yet they are made from animal hair.  We also bought into this theory until we did some serious research as to what cruelty free really meant for these animals (unwillingly) giving up their precious hair. 

First cut hair was touted of the quality you would receive in a brush and the animals supposedly are not killed for their hair.  Well maybe not, but once we learned how they spend their lives, animal hair was no longer an option for us.  They are kept in cages or confined to tiny pens on animal farms, and they are not roaming free and then captured to get the first cut for the softest application, and then released once more. (In a perfect world maybe)  This is not economical or practical in terms of the fur trade market.  In fact many of the fur bearing animals are trapped and killed for their hair.

Spending an entire lifetime in a confined space is not our idea of cruelty free, just so they can lend us a bit of hair for a mineral makeup brush.

Examples of animal hair used still today in mineral makeup brushes: Pony, Squirrel, Red Sable, Kolinsky Sable (actually mink), Badger and Capra (goat).  Many times a combination of two or more are used for a different texture.

An Inconvenient Truth About Fur Trade Markets

Once animals are aged out and the quality of hair declines, they are not released, but are euthanized, and as far as whether it is humanely done, well this depends on the farm.  Also, "cruelty free" continues to be debatable especially with pony hair since we have seen some info that the hair actually comes from ponies and horses slaughtered for their meat, and goats are sheered like sheep, typically getting injured in the process.  Either way, since this fur trade practice can be shrouded in mystery, and we cannot be sure of the confinement, and are not absolutely sure they are not indeed killed for their hair, we decided not to support using animal hair of any kind.  And most animal hair for makeup brushes comes from Asia and some Eastern European countries, and they do not have the animal cruelty laws we possess here in the United States.

You can check out the Humane Society of the United States Website, if you are wanting the facts as to the real treatment of animals in regard to fur for fashion and makeup tools.  Based on the horrific videos we have seen, leaving us sickened, the promise of cruelty free is not what is captured on tape.  If at all possible, join us in supporting the Humane Society of the United States, so they can continue with their valued investigative research, providing in the future, a world where cruelty in the name of fur can be abolished.

WARNING: Not for the faint of heart if you should decide to watch.  Images are quite graphic, including those of our beloved cats and dogs that are used to create faux fur or to deceive the public that it is a more expensive fur provided by other species typically found in the fur trade market.  Simply appalling!

OUR PROMISE: Rest assured, our mineral makeup brushes are provided to us by a U.S. manufacturer in order for us to be assured they are made from the finest, softest synthetic fibers imaginable as described by many of our customers who cannot stop at buying just one.