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Can I Sleep In Your Mineral Makeup?


Mineral Makeup Brands Promoting As A Bonus Feature

There are many mineral makeup companies which make the claim, "so gentle and safe, you can even sleep in it."

Though this may seem like a bonus point for making an argument for using mineral makeup products, and one could chock this up as a supposedly added benefit, however, this is never recommended no matter how gentle and safe a mineral cosmetic brand claims theirs to be.

A perfect blend of mineral makeup is ideal for keeping our skin healthier than when we are using liquid foundation makeup. 

For the most part, loose minerals prevent occlusion of pores by sitting on top of the skin, instead of being melted by heat or perspiration, or pigments separated by sebum production and wearing off by days end. 

But even with mineral makeup, not all brands will create healthier skin either.  Depending on the ingredients used, they also can contribute to blocked pores by using ingredients for preservation or a main ingredient such as bismuth oxychloride, along with some waxy coatings on the minerals.

Mineral cosmetics are also designed to protect skin from pollutants we are exposed to day to day, and absorb excessive sebum, keeping our skin looking beautiful throughout the day.  Of course the level of sustainability is also different depending on the mineral makeup ingredients used.

The Way To Truly Healthy Skin

Sterling Minerals for instance, lasts all day and beyond until you wash it off.  The staying power is unsurpassed to any other leading brand.  And yes you could even wear it to bed and wake up looking great.  However, no matter how fantastic a mineral makeup may be, you should still wash your face twice a day to remove the dirt, debris, pollution and oils our face accumulates and our makeup absorbs within a days time.  This is the true path to keeping skin healthy, not because a makeup is so gentle it can be worn to bed so you can sleep in it. 

Though our mineral makeup is not occlusive to pores, and it does a fantastic job of keeping your face healthy and protected, it still becomes contaminated with the elements described, never mind the fact some of us tend to touch our faces during the day.  This is how one major factor for occlusion can occur on the face and a cycle of acne begins.

No matter the perfection of any minerals, we still recommend washing and moisturizing your face before bed.  Our faces should be allowed to rest also during the night and this is a major reason we created our Evening Rose Veil for the purpose of soothing and calming skin while you sleep.

Even with the gentle and safe nature of our mineral powders, the inevitable festivity of Holiday parties during the year can lead to extended periods of wear time.  So if you think you'll be out all night or will be so tired you'll fall into bed after, then before you head out the door, take a few minutes and cleanse and reapply.  Your skin will be much happier and healthier for it and you'll have no worries when that occasional night you go to bed with your mineral makeup on occurs.