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Why Does BareMinerals Make Me Look Older?

Women Confess They Look Older When Wearing BareMinerals


Many women have been encouraged to wear mineral makeup and primarily BareMinerals is the one that comes to mind.  They either love it or hate it!  However the consensus among mature women is the fact their skin appears aged after they have had it on for a

 bit.  Based on a compilation of endless feedback from women of all ethnicities, one only need read the ingredient list to see where the overall problem lies. 

The cause comes from the inert ingredient Bismuth Oxychloride!

This is a main ingredient in their mineral makeup and it is known for a benefit of giving a pearlescent sheen, or a dewy or shiny finish which may actually give the appearance of an oily complexion as told by others.  The problem we are seeing and hearing about from our customers, upon first using it they had an initial reaction of enjoyment to the differences of mineral makeup application, followed by an intense reaction their skin suffered as a consequence of using bareminerals. 

But what we hear mostly from our women customers, especially mature women, that bareminerals highlighted their imperfections instead of hiding them, and enhanced their fine lines and wrinkles into shiny runways.  Furthermore, many experienced a cakey or chalky appearance and caused other issues with their skin, young and old.  The same is true with any other mineral makeup products containing Bismuth Oxychloride as a primary ingredient used in the formulary.  This is not just a bareminerals issue but an issue it seems with any brand incorporating this ingredient.

Bismuth Oxychloride is also a known irritant for many women and some have had allergic reactions to bareminerals products.  So if you suffer from rosacea, acne or other skin problems, you may also be experiencing some itching or burning, especially after you perspire.  Occurrence of cystic acne has also been reported in many skincare forums. 

Mineral makeup without bismuth oxychloride is always best, and there are many other skin issues this ingredient can cause.  You can learn more about other problems women have suffered by clicking on the link above, where you will also find other internal links with a complete breakdown of how this ingredient is created.  Feedback from many women in regard to this ingredient is scattered throughout the internet and can be found with a simple Google search.

We hope this brings you closer to the answer of achieving that flawless, youthful appearance once more through the use of our mineral makeup products.