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Mineral Makeup & Moisturizer Combo Could Be Problematic

Silicone Oils And Your Mineral Makeup Are Not Synergetic

We have had only a few women with an issue using their favorite moisturizer with our mineral makeup products.  They explain the problem as they see it, "that the mineral powders are perfect when they leave the house in the morning, but by days end, seem to be sitting on top of the skin." 

They love our mineral makeup no matter the issue, but they would like to enjoy the benefits as other women have found with the minerals looking like natural flawless, healthy skin, lasting all day.

Upon investigation of the skincare regimen they are currently using, they sadly discover their products do not contain actual moisturizing ingredients at all.  They contain those that double as a surfactant and an emollient, with others that act as humectants, which really provide no skin function when the same product contains silicone oil and it's derivatives; siloxanes and / or dimethicone and / or cyclomethicone.  Once this ingredient coats the skin, no moisture will be attracted to the face because this ingredient is designed to only trap moisture against the skin to prevent further moisture loss, basically leaving an impenetrable coating.

It is this same technology that will prevent proper melding of any mineral makeup to the skin, no matter the brand.  Essentially giving that chalky appearance to the face.  So if you love our mineral makeup, but may be having a similar problem, not quite getting the exceptional finish you desire, then this may be your answer.

Since silicone goes on slippery and can have an oily feel, it does give the illusion of being a nice moisturizer.  However, once it dissipates, the skin is left with a silken, dry texture.  The skin feels soft and smooth, but it is far from moisturized.  A synthetic emollient ingredient is not the same as a moisturizing one.  And since mineral powders are applied on top of the moisturizer, it too will react to this dry texture, having nowhere to go but to separate from the silicone loaded face cream and sit atop the face.  The melding process to the skins surface is now severed.

We of course would love for every woman using our mineral makeup products to also enjoy our exclusive ONATI Skin Care line, but we also understand that women have their favorites in this regard and they do include organic, natural skincare branding.  Any great moisturizer will work beautifully with our products, just make sure it is not loaded with the ingredients that prevent the benefits our mineral makeup offers to our customers.

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