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The Best Way To Remove Mineral Makeup From Your Face

Mineral Makeup Removal Is Easy

Our mineral makeup has wonderful adherence to the skin and will last all day until you take it off.  Just about any cleanser can remove your mineral powders with a little bit of effort. 

Of course, for cleansing the face we also offer two excellent facial cleansers.  Revitalizing Cleansing Lotion or Honey Foaming Cleansing Gel, either of which will do a fantastic job at removal of your mineral makeup products depending on your skincare needs.  One operates with lipophilic and hydrophilic cleansing properties while the other is a gentle, detergent free foaming wash. 

Getting The Best Results

When cleansing the face with just cleanser and water, it may require washing the face a second time in order to remove most traces of your mineral makeup if you are simply rinsing the face through flushing the skin. 

For cleansing the face thoroughly, we recommend using a microfiber facial washcloth with a massaging motion for rinsing in order to gently remove the cleanser and your mineral makeup after massaging the face with your fingers.  Microfiber face towels also do wonders for gently exfoliating and removing all traces of your mineral makeup. 

No Worries with Our Mineral Powders

Unlike traditional makeup, having some of the minerals left behind or missed on the skin should not cause any problems for your face.  This is especially true with our formulas since the ingredients we use in our mineral makeup are so gentle on the skin. 

They also do not contain bismuth oxychloride, and we go easy on the mica by not having this ingredient as a primary base of our formulas. 

In fact, the mica we do use is surface treated with polymer methicone to keep skin so soft and prevent mica irritation while also providing lubricity to the skin.  So, rest assured, your skin will be soothed and protected when using our mineral makeup products.