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Best Skincare For Improving Skin Health During Winter Months

Prevent Skincare Problems During Winter Months

As we head toward Winter, in some climates the air loses its' humidity and becomes drier as the days and nights get colder.  Forced air furnaces are the worst for drying out our skins' surface.  We need to be mindful of the fact our skin now needs more attention during winter months than ever during the warmer summer months.

With dryness comes itchiness and scaling, and then we scratch ourselves until we create a whole new set of problems for our skin, such as fungal infections or rashes which will then require a medical ointment.  It is best to avoid this scenario to begin with.  Whatever you do, don't scratch, but apply soothing moisturizers which help with the symptoms that can accompany dry skin irritation.

Here are some things to do to increase and retain moisture on the skin during the dry Winter months.

These simple tips will help to slow the aging process on the skin:

  • Run a humidifier in the bedroom while you sleep to elevate humidity levels
  • Only take warm showers and baths since hot water deteriorates the delicate mantle of the skin removing our natural barrier oils
  • Turn off exhaust fans during your shower to retain humidity in the bathroom and to increase humidity within the home
  • Switch to a cream cleanser or cleansing lotion.  Even with gentle surfactants in a foaming type, dry skin will perform better with a creamy cleanser
  • Apply your moisturizer to your body and face while skin is still damp to help retain more moisture against the skin
  • Switch up from your light moisturizer to a more intense one, for either day time wear or for increasing moisture for a night time treatment
  • Give yourself a winter facial treatment with a moisturizing homemade masque using ingredients like yogurt, honey, rice powder, jojoba oil and rose water
  • Pay special attention to hands, feet, knees and elbows as these areas tend to crack most often compared to other areas of the body

Ingredients which act as natural humectants for protection of our skin and for retaining moisture:

  • Olive Oil
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Honey
  • Lecithin
  • Organic Sugar Cane
  • Glycerin

You'll find these ingredients along with many rich emollients and other age defying ingredients in many of our ONATI Skin Care products.  One of which is our premier product for improving skin health, our Vitamin Rich Facial Serum.  For excessively dry skin on the face or body, you can increase the moisture barrier and replenish the skin with Sterols and Polyphenols using our Grecian Secret Body Souffle.

Both of these products can be used by those with oily skin, and are recommended for their humectant properties.  They also work well at reducing the production of pore clogging sebum, which creates an acne prone environment for bacteria to grow.  Plus the Vitamin Rich Facial Serum offers gentle exfoliation through the use of natural fruit acids, helping to prevent buildup of naturally sloughing skin debris.  No harsh AHA's (glycolic acid) or BHA's (salicylic acid)!

Give your dry skin the special attention it deserves during the upcoming winter months.  Your skin will thank you.