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What's The Best Skincare Regimen For Irritated Skin?

Out Best Skincare Regimen For Skin That Irritates Easily

The entire ONATI Skin Care line was developed to be as gentle as possible without causing additional irritation for any specific skin type.

However, if you have a skin type that seems to get easily irritated such as rosacea, then the skincare products we advise using for sensitive skin are as follows:

Please be aware there can never be an absolute guarantee of any skincare product being completely irritant free, but by combining science with nature, we have provided a synergetic blend of skincare ingredients working to help skin look and feel amazing.

  • Cleansing ~ ONATI Revitalizing Cleansing Lotion:  This facial cleanser is detergent free and utilizes the science of hydrophilic and lipophilic action for removal of dirt, debris, excess oil and all traces of makeup, including the delicate eye area.  Your skin will be left looking and feeling clean and soft, never dry or irritated.
  • Toning ~ ONATI Perfect Balance Facial Toner:  This toner is perfect for moisturizing while balancing the delicate acid mantle of the skin.  We also incorporated the gentle use of natural fruit acids (AHA's) for gently keeping skin exfoliated without further irritation unlike other AHA products using Glycolic Acid or BHA products using Salicylic Acid which are extremely harsh on sensitive skin types and have a systemic effect.
  • Moisturizing ~ ONATI Calm & Refresh:  All of our moisturizing face creams will work for delicate skin types!  This organic moisturizer is light and creamy, yet rich in natural oils, organic herbs and distillates for infusing the skin with hydrating moisture.  This incredible lightweight cream works to help reduce the visible signs of aging and fight free radical damage caused by the environment.
  • Alternative Moisturizer ~ ONATI Moisture Care: This face cream would be the next choice for keeping it very simple if you are aware of certain extracts not agreeing with your skin type in the past.  Ingredient profile is very simple, yet infused with wonderful naturally rich butters and humectants.

For additional night time treatment you may wish to follow up with our Vitamin Rich Facial Serum for giving skin that extra boost of natural fruit acids and age defying results with ingredients, such as DMAE, Hyaluronic Acid, CoQ10 and Niacinimide infused within the serum for helping skin to feel toned, smooth and possess an overall more youthful appearance.