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Fun & Easy Peel Off Facial Masque Recipes

Benefits Of Using A Masque (Mask)

Facial Masques are used to cleanse, tone, exfoliate, lift and revive the skin.  A masque treatment will also go far in creating a smoother surface for a perfect application of your mineral makeup.

Masques which are made with natural ingredients forming a paste are excellent for reducing inflammation and exfoliation through removal of necrotic tissue.  They can double as gentle facial scrubs while applying then allowed to set up and do the rest of the job of calming and soothing inflamed or irritated facial tissue.  Then they are rinsed away with lukewarm water.

Another masque is the peel off type which is typically removed after drying in one complete piece.  They create a glowing skin through removal of surface cells and invigorate blood flow while toning the skin.  The downside to purchasing one of these types of masques which are commercially prepared, they are loaded with synthetics and possibly harsh chemicals to achieve the peel off effect, and there rarely is anything natural about them.

We wanted to share with you a peel off facial mask recipe for doing this right in your kitchen with a few simple natural ingredients.  The best part is, it will be fun and will give you the opportunity to allow the inner mad scientist in you to come out.

How Peel Off Facial Masks Work

They are applied in a liquid state which is usually a gooey mess, then allowed to dry and once dried, peeled off very carefully so as not to tear it.  As they dry on the skin, dirt, oil, pore blockages are grabbed by the masque ingredients so when the mask comes off, these substances are lifted off with it revealing a healthier, glowing "you".

What You'll Need For Ingredients

Unflavored Gelatin by Knox and some fruit or vegetable juice of your choice.  Only make enough for a single application to prevent bacterial growth.  Your juice selection will be based on a certain skin type since tannins and fruit acids will serve different purposes for different maladies of the skin.  A great idea is to have a few friends over and make a larger concoction and share in the experience of a pampering facial.

Recipe For Dry To Normal Skin

  • 1 Tb Knox Gelatin
  • 1/2 Cup Fruit Juice (Apple, Pear, Papaya, Raspberry, Peach)

Directions: Pour juice into a heat resistant bowl and sprinkle the gelatin into the juice.  Place the bowl in the microwave and heat it until the gelatin disperses completely into the juice...approximately 1 minute, but avoid boiling.  Place the masque mixture in the fridge for twenty minutes to a half-hour.  You are looking for a thick consistency, but not one that is completely set up.  Think gooey mess!....Your gel masque is now ready to use.

Why These Juices Are Perfect For Dry Skin

They are specifically suited for dry skin due to their acidity which helps to eat away dry skin without leaching moisture from living cells.  Apple Juice is the most popular due to it being readily available at your local grocery store.  However, if you have a juicer or food processor, you can experiment with other fruit juices.  But check your food coop since they will also carry specialty juices on the fruit list above.

Oily To Combo Skin Recipe

Same as above recipe, but now you will substitute a different range of fruits geared specifically to restoring the skins' natural acid mantle and removing excess sebum buildup.  In the Combination / Oily Skin category utilize mainly the fruits for dry to normal skin but add a bit of lemon or grapefruit juice.  Remember to adjust your ratio so that when you add the lemon or grapefruit juice you don't exceed the total 1/2 cup. 

This face mask will be great for assisting with cell removal further and helps reduce oil in that t-zone area.  Lemon, Grapefruit, Orange and Lime Juices fall into the citrus category and also work at refining skin texture, exfoliate dead skin cells and reduce oily shine on the face, yet will leave your face polished to a wonderful glow.

When using citrus fruits be very careful around the delicate eye area as these are a natural AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) in their purist form.  Also if you like, add a touch of Carrot Juice for it's astringent properties of aiding in toning the skin.  Mix It Up and play with it!

You can also do a combination of juices in the mixture for an aromatic experience and give your skin a real pick me up!  If you want to go for a true toning and tightening of the skin and pores, add an egg white to the mixture once it cools and take the masque down onto the neck and decollete.

Use Of These Recipes And Removal Of The Facial Masque

Unless you have extremely oily skin, do not use your facial masks more than once a week.  Otherwise, you run the risk of over stimulation, which can cause stress to the delicate facial tissue.

Apply only a sheer layer, avoiding the eyes, eyebrows, hairline, and any other areas where it will be hard to remove the masque once it dries.  The best application tool is a fan brush and this type of brush will also reduce dripping.

Make sure you only apply a thin layer so it doesn't take all day to dry and avoid the eye and mouth area.  Now sit down and relax for twenty to thirty minutes while your masque dries.  You will know it is ready when it does not feel tacky any longer.  Finally, peel from the chin up to the forehead to avoid contributing to what gravity already has a hold of.  You may experience some tingling to the skin. 

Voila.... a beautiful glowing complexion.

If you should have any visible residue, simply splash your face with cool water, not cold since you don't want to shock the skin.  Then apply our Perfect Balance Facial Toner and your favorite moisturizer and feel the remarkable difference in tone and texture of your face.  Our Vitamin Rich Facial Serum is the perfect compliment after a facial treatment.  So enjoy and experiment to find out which type of fruity masque you enjoy and your face loves.  Have Fun!

Disclaimer: Although we love sharing ideas and recipes, not all suggestions will work for all users so with that we must give you the standard disclaimer.  Like with any skin treatment always do a patch test first to check for sensitivity.  Citric Acids may cause irritation and redness and should be discontinued in the event of such.  The information provided is not intended to prescribe, treat, cure, or prevent certain diseases or ailments and these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.