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Will Your Mineral Makeup Products Conceal My Fine Lines?


Mature Senior Women Have Great Results With Concealing Fine Lines

As a rule, our mineral makeup products will conceal fine lines without highlighting them.  We have heard from the majority of mature women who purchase our minerals, are 40 and older and have had great results with concealing under and around the eyes without enhancing their fine lines and wrinkles.  In fact, we have many senior women also in their 60's and 70's who love how well our mineral powders work for this application.

Using the moist method when applying your mineral makeup foundation and making sure the under eye area is moisturized well will contribute to perfection in keeping your skin looking flawless all day.  This also helps set the mineral foundation in place and we demonstrate this method in the video below. 

It is the intense mica based formulas and minerals which contain bismuth oxychloride which contribute to this highlighting of fine lines, illuminating them like tiny runways all over our face.  Plus their added coatings like carnauba wax contribute to melt out and creeping.

Our formulas are created with reduced Mica and it's encapsulated in Methicone creating soft focus and the ability to float over and temporarily fill fine lines. 

Boron Nitride prevents our mineral makeup from shifting or creeping and further contributes to a lovely soft focus.  Our mineral makeup provides staying power that is pretty incredible, lasting as long as you need the minerals to until they are washed off.

Things to be mindful of: Don't use oily moisturizers since this can contribute to creeping, and use Delicate or Dewy formula for under eye areas.

Velvet is for oily skin so this can contribute to drying out the under eye area which it is dryness that enhances our age. 

Important note: no matter how oily our skin is, the under eye area should be treated gently and never use drying products around this area.

For concealing tips, along with our moist method application and other tutorials, you can view our videos at our YouTube Channel.  Or watch the video tutorial on concealing!