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How To Get Started With Mineral Makeup

Mineral Makeup Made Easy!

In just 5 Easy Steps create the ultimate flawless complexion:

First Step: Explore the main page.

  • Information about our company, contact information, wholesale, product ingredients and education are located at the bottom of our site.
  • Products are located in the top menu bar, with click thru categories available to choose in color choices of foundations, eye colors, lip colors, accessories and skincare.
  • Once you enter the site with your first click thru, continue to access all product pages within the top menu bar. You can always return quickly to the home page by clicking the Sterling Minerals Logo at the upper left corner of the site.
  • All store policies are provided for quick easy access at the bottom of our site.
  • Within every shade selection is a button to place them into your shopping bag after you select your quantity, formula and color. Samples sizes are also available with full size for testing to achieve the appropriate shade. Enjoy gentle application with our Vegan Spa Quality Mineral Makeup Brushes.

Second Step: Mineral Foundation Selection ~ Now the fun begins! Mineral Foundation is the first thing we look for since it is the base which makes the canvas for adding our other shading choices. This task is easier than you may think. Let us be your guide: Many women equate their skin tone with celebrities they are familiar with. This is a great place to start.4-actresses-skin-tone-example.png

  • Our mineral foundation is available in 3 formulas and we have provided this information at the top of each page of our color palette, including a page displaying all 21 shades. Specific skin tone categories are also available to help narrow your selection. Determine your skin type and then select your perfect shade.
  • When you find a shade that is close to your skin tone, such as Fair, Medium, Olive, Tan or Dark, click on the shade choice. Perhaps you are a blend of two or more shades. This is why we provide a detailed description of the shade including undertones and overtones of skin. Also note, alternate color suggestions are given with shades that may also work for your skin tone. We have eliminated the guess work. To understand more about shade choices you can review Finding The Right Foundation Shade through understanding undertones and overtones. Ingredient decks are located on each product page and can be viewed by clicking on your product choice.
  • Application is very easy and our mineral makeup is mistake proof. We offer many options to further educate the beginner or to brush up the skills of the frequent user after using other brands that glop and cake. Ours will never cake or crease! You can get a Flawless FaceTechnique tutorial or utilize our favored Moist Method Application for exceptional results. Or you can visit our Foundation Q&A, General Q&A, Beauty Tips or Ingredient FAQ's for keeping in the know since these are updated frequently, and some will include video tutorials.

Third Step: Mineral Blush ~ blush choices are also simple and they work beautifully at giving a natural flush to the face without looking over done.

  • Again, a color palette is the first thing you see. Once you click on a color choice a full color description assists with working with the best skin tone.
  • Note that within each Blush description we also advise how they can be used as a face color for correcting certain skin tones and giving a brightening effect.

Fourth Step: Mineral Veil and / or Mineral Bronzer ~ these are excellent perks for enhancing the complexion and are personal preference and subject to your desires of the finished look.bronzedface.jpg

  • We provide two mineral veils, both serving a purpose for the different type of finish you wish. Easy to use and they feel delightful on any skin type! Again, a full product description is available once you click through on the mineral veil of your choosing.
  • We offer 3 shades of bronzer for different skin tones. One for Fair skin to give a soft, pretty feminine look. Basically an enhancement for a dewy complexion. Another with deep golden brown undertones when tanned. And the third with reddish brown undertones when tanned.
  • These superior formulations are simple to use and they float on the skin without leaving a fake, muddy or caked look. Again we offer tutorials on how to use bronzer, and you can review them by clicking on Foundation Q & A, or Beauty Tips in categories. In some articles you will also have video available. You can also visit our YouTube Channel for more fun and informative videos.

Fifth Step: Eye Colors ~ explore the vast array of our versatile Eye Colors. Our eye shadows are gorgeous, sophisticated, fun and easy to use.

  • Like all the other mineral makeup products on our site, you are greeted with a vibrant palette of exquisite color choices. This may seem overwhelming at first, but take your time and enjoy the radiance of each color. To simplify this, we have broken them down into shade categories as well for selecting your favorite shade of a particular color tone.
  • Full product descriptions are available with each color, including a notation for using it as a face color, a cheek color booster for evening, or to create a dewy complexion. The sky is the limit with our eye shadows. These are also not just colored mica, but are formulated within a unique, premium eye shadow base, giving them outstanding staying power.
  • You can apply them wet or dry. Depending on your application technique you can get them to appear intense or muted, for the desired effect. Again, we provide video tutorials and tips within the links above.

Flawless Face:

With the final step completed once you add the lip color you chose, then you can truly enjoy that Flawless Complexion so many women only dream about. Our minerals are the next best thing to an airbrushed complexion. Fine lines are blurred, life’s imperfections are softened and invisible, and all that remains is beautiful, healthy, younger looking skin.

Optional Step: mature-woman.jpg

We invite you to visit our ONATI Skin Care for creating perfection in achieving a more youthful looking complexion with the use of our Organic Botanical line. ONATI Skin Care will compliment our mineral makeup products and soothe skin on every part of your body, achieving improved skin health overall. You may wish to visit our Skin Care Education for interesting tips and information on using the best products for your face and body. For our Brushes, Mixing Jars, Spray Mist Bottles and Facial Towels, you can also visit our Accessories.

That’s it! Simple, Easy and most of all Fun….and of course if you should desire further assistance, we are available to take your calls Monday-Thursday, 9 am to 4 pm, MST. We can be reached at 208-467-0057. If you receive our message center during regular business hours, this typically means we are either formulating, in a meeting, or phone lines are busy, but if you leave a message, we will return your call promptly. Or you can email us at info@sterlingminerals.com.

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