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Are Your Eye Shadows Safe For Use On Lips?


Always Check Colorant Ingredients Before Applying To Lips

Mineral Makeup Eye Shadows that contain FDA approved colorants (strictly regulated by the way) may not be safe to use on lips.

Many vibrant eyeshadow shades are achieved by the use of very safe iron oxides, yet may also contain Ultramarines, Ferric Ferrocyanide and Chromium Oxides.  These are approved safe for topical skin application found in mineral makeup products and all other forms of cosmetics, but not for use in lipstick or lip gloss. 

In fact if you ever see these three shading ingredients in a lip color, do not purchase, or use at your own risk.  If they are on the "may contain" list, they also should be avoided.  These colorants shouldn't be on an ingredient list in any form when it comes to a lip product, and if they are, this is nothing more than bad labeling practices.  

Mineral blush and eye shadow shades are rich with beautiful colors and are also created with a mixture of many different types of color ingredients.  Although we do not use the 3 listed above in our lip color products due to safety regulations, there are also many other shading colorants used in other brands of eye shadows which can include FD&C Dyes and Lakes and Carmine in order to achieve intense shades, which are deemed safe for lips by the FDA. 

Again, we do not use these colorants in our mineral products due to their sourcing of a petroleum process and bug juice.

Eye colors and mineral makeup blush are interchangeable with each other for eyes and cheeks, but in order to avoid any confusion with our eye colors we have not categorized them as a lip colorant, and is why we have created our lip shine and lipstick collection (now discontinued for something new up and coming).  This way all customers know full well what is in each shade they purchase and will be safe for use on their lips.

Remember, you can always change up the color simply by blending two or more lip color shades and the same goes for blending eye color.  The sky is the limit when it comes to mineral makeup eye shadows and lip colors.

It is just a whole lot of fun!