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Avoid A Gray Pall On The Face When Using Mineral Makeup


Color Correcting Mineral Makeup May Be Your Faces Worst Enemy

Have you ever noticed that when you use green color correcting makeup to conceal redness or cover a pimple, whether it is liquid or mineral makeup, the area actually appears greenish gray?

In color theory, green is opposite to red on the color wheel and is used to neutralize red in a pigment, such as when mixing paint colors, which on a face turns the skin ashen or gray.  So it neutralizes the red all right which literally means beige, but what actually happens to the skin, the spot looks gray in comparison to other natural skin tones you may possess.

The next problem then becomes, when you layer your makeup over the top of it, the correct pigments in your mineral makeup foundation will also absorb the green, altering any red undertones the shade has, further enhancing gray areas all over the face.  You may not be able to see the pimple anymore or the inflamed areas of rosacea, but you will certainly see spots especially under certain lighting.  The not so great part is, you unwittingly altered your skin tone and now your face suddenly transforms to that not so lovely shade of gray green, something we really don't want unless we prefer looking like death warmed over.

For best effect for covering facial imperfections or redness, stick with a yellow undertone or yellow with pink overtone concealer.  Our two best concealing foundation shades are Jennifer and Fiorella for doing this job correctly.  No other shade is needed!

Added Tip: Although all of our foundations cover imperfections quite well, always use the lighter shade for reducing hyper-pigmentation or redness from a pimple or rosacea, layering your regular shade over the top for that flawless look.  Don't forget our Clear Base since this is used to lighten your favorite foundation shade without changing the undertones you have in your skin.