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Getting The Best Results With Mineral Makeup Bronzer


Best Application For Your Mineral Bronzer

When applying bronzer, some women aren't sure of when is the best time to apply it during the mineral makeup process, or which shade to choose.

For instance, do you apply it before or after blush? 

Or can it replace blush altogether?

What shade of mineral bronzer is best?

This of course is a personal preference!  But one thing you want to avoid is overplaying your mineral makeup bronzer application because you can go beyond what looks natural.

However, mineral makeup bronzer is designed to enhance skin tone as it deepens during summer months.  Many women continue to use it long past summer to maintain a warm glow to the complexion.

You can further adjust shading as your skin tone lightens or deepens.  We offer several mineral bronzers to accomplish just that.  They range from nude (fair) skin to the deepest, richest shade.  These also include undertones to match neutral, golden and reddish brown complexions based on what depth of skin tone you are.

Looking Sun Kissed Naturally

For best results, apply blush first and then your mineral veil if you are using one, and bronzer is last.  One exception to this, if you are using bronzer to intensely change your complexion shade, then apply your mineral makeup blush last so the true jewel tone will illuminate the cheeks.

Since a well formulated mineral bronzer is created to remain sheer and boost color only so it does not add a heavy layered look to the skin, using it as a blush or a foundation for coverage is not recommended. 

If a sunkissed look to the cheeks is what you desire then our actual blush shade, Sunkiss will be best for this since it will enhance the cheeks with more definition of beauty.  It is a beautiful deep earthy Caramel with rich Peachy, Coral Pink undertones and a splash of Gold shimmer

Even when we tan naturally, our cheeks always continue to possess some rosiness to them, so continue to apply your favorite colored blush for that flush of natural color.  Our high performance bronzer will not overpower or cover up the true shade you use.

Also don't forget to sweep across the decollete for when you wear that low cut blouse.

Beauty Tip:  Our mineral bronzer does contain some shimmer, not to be confused with glitter, but if you wish to further reduce this, just spritz with distilled water and then press once more with your brush to set the minerals.  This will leave a beautiful sun kissed polished finish to the face.

Simply Gorgeous!