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Keeping It Light With Mineral Makeup In Summer Time


Never Overdo When Deepening Your Mineral Makeup Shade

Well summer has arrived and many of us are getting our dose of Vitamin D on a daily basis, and that is a good thing as long as it is done in moderation. 

As we invest a small block of time each day or every other day, the sun activates the melanin in our skin, giving us the bronzy appearance we enjoy which in turn gives us the look of health. 

Mineral makeup products will do the same, but use caution when deepening your mineral makeup shade or when applying Mineral Bronzer.

Although most of us love the sun, it's warmth and it's ability to stimulate Vitamin D for staving off illness and disease, it also does a number on our skin by causing it to age, so if you still love a bit of sun basking, ALWAYS protect the face. 

Using sunscreen helps with this as can mineral makeup by protecting our skin from the UV rays which causes burning.  If you are an avid naturalist for receiving Vitamin D synthesis through sun exposure just remember to keep it under 15 -  20 minutes each time to avoid burning.

Now as to the mineral makeup we love for shading purposes to keep our faces matched to the rest of our bodies as the skin tone deepens.  Remember this one important point, don't ever try to make the face look darker or equal to the rest of the body.  Try to deepen the shade gradually, while leaving the face just a slight shade lighter.  Believe it or not, this will give the face a more youthful appearance.  Getting the face too dark will actually make us appear older than we really are and no one wants that.

A light touch with changing a shade will go far for creating a gorgeous, luminous, healthy sunkissed glow.

Beauty Tip: When concealing the areas around the eyes as the face gets darker, make sure you blend the darker shade in around the outer area of the eye to avoid the fine lines from becoming highlighted which will also enhance age.   Conceal with a lighter shade for refractive purposes, but then blend inward from hairline over with the darker shade  to soften the contrast.  This will make the face appear more natural.  In other words, don't go for the "Hey, I was wearing my sunglasses" look.