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Our Ingredients Are What Make Sterling Minerals Special



Only ingredients shown to have the lowest irritant risk factors are used, making our mineral makeup ideal for women with sensitive / delicate skin issues.

Balanced ratios of untreated USP Grade Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide are used for soothing skin irritations and providing the ultimate in flawless coverage.

Enjoy beauty without the chalky or caked look which can age the skins appearance. Dry, flaky skin and creeping into fine lines is a thing of the past with our minerals.

We incorporate skin conditioning botanical ingredients known for their soothing and moisture balancing capabilities.

Women who may be Gluten sensitive can use our mineral cosmetics with confidence.

We Use Rice Powder, due to it being extremely gentle on sensitive skin and works beautifully in soothing skin ailments such as rosacea, acne and psoriasis. It is still used today in holistic medicine for soothing skin ulcerations and bleeding pimples. It is perfect for all other skin types too. Rice Powder will not cause acne despite rumor to the contrary spread throughout the internet by those that don’t use or like this ingredient!

We only use Mica in small proportion to our overall formulas and it is encapsulated in methicone. This helps retain moisture against the skin while reducing mica sensitivity. Provides a lovely soft focus for mature women, restoring age defying beauty.

Allantoin is added for soothing skin irritations and is ideal for women who are dealing with erythema after a cosmetic procedure.

Certified Organic Jojoba Oil (a Wax Ester) is added for protecting and stabilizing the skins’ acid mantle, keeping skin pH balanced, whereby preventing the dryness associated with other brands. It’s also rich in natural antioxidants, helping to fight free radicals which prematurely age skin.

Preservatives are not needed due to the dry, inert nature of loose mineral powders. Bacteria simply cannot grow.

Bismuth Oxychloride which is used in other leading mineral makeup brands, is a known skin irritant for many women and can contribute to cyclic outbreaks of acne, including cystic acne. Rosacea patients may have reactions which include, hot, burning, itchy skin. You will never find the problematic bismuth oxychloride in any of our mineral makeup. You will enjoy full disclosure of every ingredient we put in our minerals. No more endless searching for an ingredient list. Ingredient decks are located on every category page with the ease of a mouse roll over, along with what our products do not contain, before you even choose your perfect shade.

No Nano Scale Particles are in our mineral powders. Our micronized mineral makeup is milled to perfection, blending superbly without streaking.

Other Important Reasons You Should Use Our Mineral Makeup Products

Literally the last mineral makeup you’ll every buy! Sincerely, these are the easiest minerals to use, on the market today. Absolutely goof proof! Just Dip, then press and sweep onto the skin. Never again, worry about getting too much on your brush or skin.

Superior staying power, withstanding perspiration, swimming or humid conditions. Transforms skin to feel and look completely renewed and healthy once more. Our minerals are whisper light, allowing skin to remain healthy and a variety of skin issues to improve. A Rose Petal Softness unsurpassed!

You’ll Truly Love The Soft Focus For Concealing Life’s Imperfections. Perfect for all ages, from teen to senior years.

Enjoy Clean application every time with our new recloseable sifters. Makes for easy measured portion control of mineral powders. No more mess inside the jar lid. Great for travel.

Orders are shipped promptly and we offer courteous and knowledgeable customer care for your mineral makeup and skincare needs.

The Bottom Line...

There are still a vast majority of mineral makeup companies incorporating synthetic chemicals into their formulas, such as preservatives, artificial colors, dyes, and utilize coatings like Carnauba Wax (thickener, binder), Magnesium Myristate (emulsifier, binder) or Perfluoroalkyl Phosphate (film former, binder) to improve mineral performance, and are the most commonly used treatments of Mica and / or Titanium Dioxide. Other problematic ingredients include Dimethicone (silicone oil) and Lauroyl Lysine (surfactant, binder).

The problem with these types of coatings, they make the minerals heavy in texture, causing them to grab onto the skin during application (the caked look), making dispersion more difficult. This heaviness can also factor into ongoing acne problems even though most advertise it is great for acne, or won’t cause acne. This can be frustrating for a newbie trying minerals for the first time.

Unfortunately, many companies do not declare the coatings on their ingredient decks, so you really may never know why a certain brand is or isn’t performing like it should.

Women don’t want mystery when it comes to putting something on their skin, but result driven formulas proven to create a valued improvement to their skin health, and are truly unique in their formulation…..and they want these results without gimmicks!

We have and will always remain transparent and continue our dedication in providing truth, integrity, ethics and education to anyone who seeks it.