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Selecting Mineral Makeup For My Teenage Daughter


A New Generation Of Mineral Makeup And The Teens Who Love It

Today we see trends that repeat, as many girls still struggle today to fit in, marching to their own band and wanting to make friends.  Peer pressure, despite parent's best intentions, can be fraught with emotion.  It is not so different from decades before.  However, it was from the pre 70's generation that most of us didn’t discuss much so we kind of went by how we felt at the time, even if that meant being a "wild child".

Now we are the information generation and images of perceived beauty are everywhere, some negative and some positive.  In raising our daughters, we learned from those life's lessons of our teen years and we would of course try to maintain the values our mothers taught us, tempered with flexibility. 

Instead of banning makeup from our daughters as they entered their tween years, it is much better to guide her in creating a natural look so she would not suffer the scourge of embarrassment from wearing cookie monster blue eye shadow and red lipstick. 

Life is tough enough when it comes to fitting in at school and this is one area where we can make things fun, while nurturing a mother daughter relationship.  Many young ladies will truly enjoy this interference with the makeup ritual, and a best girlfriends scenario is born.  After all our daughters are beautiful, so we don't want to mask her complexion. 

This can be achieved without making her appear older than her years.  Creating a fresh and healthy appearance with the use of a smidgen of mineral makeup foundation, a touch of mascara, soft lip gloss, a bit of muted neutral eye shadow, and a soft blush will be perfection.  We can provide all of these things for you to get started. 

The Right Mineral Makeup Is The Healthy Skin Alternative

This is not your moms makeup!  Mineral Makeup is so wonderful and safe for our teens today.  It allows them to feel confident by smoothing skin and camouflaging the imperfections they deal with, including acne.  Their skin can remain natural and healthy looking and it melds so nicely to leave them with nothing short of a beautiful complexion.  Plus again, with all the social media they can have a lot of fun with girl talk and sharing different ways to apply this cool stuff.

Colors are diverse and are used to create many original looks without looking like they are wearing a mask of goop.  A lot of young girls are getting it right as we observe beautiful faces looking more natural than back in the day. 

What is truly unique about mineral makeup is the ability to create a glam look if you wish.  Such as, if you want to look fabulous for that special occasion, a wedding, a graduation picture, or an evening out, you can accomplish any specific look with our mineral makeup products.  You can foil eye shadows for more intensity and wear a richer shade of blush and lip color.  Adding a bit of bronzer will also create a healthy glow for those with fair skin.

As we enjoy watching our little girls grow in life, we find it is so cute when they pride themselves on what they determine is perfection in their makeup application and model the look with such grace, trying to mimic mom as they see her get ready for her day.  They are our mini me's!

Mineral Makeup Doesn't Have To Be Mysterious Or Misunderstood

We have discovered with moms and grand-moms of Katherine's generation (owner / founder) that they are still learning about mineral makeup when they call her for assistance.  It is such simple stuff to use and moms don’t have to fear their girls are growing up too fast since we all know and remember this is the ritual and the right of passage from young girl to young lady we all go through.

We can assist you by providing tips throughout our website which will show you how truly simple it is to use our mineral makeup products.  We have literally covered just about every question asked, or you can call us and we are all too happy to help you.  In fact, minerals are much easier to use than the standard liquid makeup found in your local drugstore.  It is goof proof!  Also, Katherine has produced multiple YouTube videos to show the many ways our products can be used to achieve that perfect look. 

Feel confident in the knowledge that you aren’t helping your tween or teen put goop on her face which will cause skin issues, but helping her boost confidence by achieving a natural, beautifully enhanced complexion while keeping her young skin healthy and free from skin aggravating ingredients.  Also, don’t forget the natural sun protection mineral powders can offer. 

As we have learned, we can’t ultimately fight the makeup craze or the desires of our teenage daughters and simply hope most of what we see today will just go away.  We simply pose the question, "wouldn’t it be fun to do together?"  What a great way to spend quality time with our daughters, a ritual that many of us from yesteryear only wish we had had with our own moms.

So how can we help you with that very first purchase of mineral makeup?