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Creating Dewy Cheeks With Your Mineral Makeup


Craving Those Dewy Cheeks Of Younger Looking Skin?

Mineral makeup with all of its wonderful diversity makes changing up a look as easy as pie.  Many mature ladies, like their younger counterparts, still wish to refresh their appearance on a regular basis.  Mineral makeup allows them to do this more than any other type of makeup on the market.

Those that are quite familiar with our products, know the moist method of application gives the best look of freshly polished skin.  Including the use of one of our perfect organic moisturizers for the ultimate in a flawless finish.

The Trick Is Simple With Eye Shadow

For those that haven't discovered this neat trick, some of our eye colors work wonders as all over face colors or as a boost to cheeks over their natural mineral makeup blush choice.

Next time you come in for a looksie at our eye colors, check out the descriptions for what else they can be used for. 

It takes only a tiny smattering of eye color on the tips of the brush placed perfectly on the cheek area, whether it is the cheek bone or the apple to give them that added subtle, luminous glow.  Never shiny or oily looking!

Once placed, then gently sweep over the areas you wish to cover, and you will instantly see a lovely dewy sheen.  If you select a shade with more sparkle, this can be countered by moist misting once applied, followed by a light sweeping of the brush to lay the Mica platelets flat against the skin.  So the sparkle is reduced and only a nice increased polished finish remains.

Just remember, some of the added sparkle as a face color really makes for a lovely complexion for an evening out on the town when visiting poorly lit venues.   Play with minerals in every way possible.  You simply can't go wrong when using them since they are the most forgiving form of makeup available.

Experimentation has never been more fun and easy!