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Reducing Facial Imperfections With Mineral Makeup


Reducing Facial Imperfections The Easy Way

Since we get so many questions on how to use mineral powders to cover up or neutralize redness or inflamed acne or rosacea, or reduce the appearance of scars, we thought it was time to give some tips on how to best accomplish this while saving some money in the process.

Our faces possess yellow, red, brown, peach, ivory, beige (olive) and blue undertones and overtones within our skin.  We always have some degree of more than one color within our skins surface so we should mimic this when we apply our mineral makeup.  And the beauty of mineral makeup, it allows us to do this due to how versatile the powders are.  You can't accomplish this with liquid foundations, that's for sure.

Key importance is melanin always plays a role in understanding undertones and as skin deepens in pigment, melanin can have more red than yellow in a particular skin tone.

Here are some mineral makeup beauty tricks for achieving perfection in application.

  • The moist method of application is always the best for achieving maximum coverage with any of our formulas
  • You can use our Sterling Rose Mineral Base which is colorless for lightening a foundation shade
  • Jennifer, Fiorella and Bianca are all wonderful shades for concealment of flaws when used with correct skin tone
  • Change formulas according to the problem you wish to correct on the face either with your concealing shade or our clear base
  • Always use a lighter shade for concealing, then layer original foundation shade over the top for perfect blending
  • Always remember to keep the skin moisturized and exfoliated well to prevent a splotchy appearance

Our faces are not all one color by nature so why do we insist on making them all one shade? 

This is what contributes to a mask appearance and mineral makeup is designed to mirror our natural skin tones, not conflict with them.  This is also the reason we do not offer what are known as "true color correctors" in our mineral makeup line since these will actually work against you in trying to gain that natural, flawless look.  They are an unnecessary expense and work wonders for ruining your foundation shade.

For best appearance for a natural look, create the canvas for other shading products by concealing problem areas first with your lighter shade.  Then gradually increase shading by working lightly over the concealed areas with your regular foundation shade.  Work from the forehead down, remembering to blend completely passed the jaw line into the neck area to prevent demarcation.

The look will be flawless and natural, allowing you to show off your beautiful new, refreshed complexion.