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Mineral Makeup Brushes

Enjoy Our New Luxury Spa Line Of 100% Vegan Friendly Synthetic Makeup Brushes

Sterling Minerals offers the latest in makeup application technology. Cruelty Free, 100% Vegan, Pro Spa Line of Mineral Makeup Brushes

These luxurious faux fur brushes are perfect for applying our mineral powders to perfection and free you from the mess. The oversized chunky handles are excellent for ease of use, and we have provided you with every brush necessary for complete makeup application. We never thought it was possible to create a brush of such superior quality over natural hair makeup brushes, yet it has been achieved. These will absolutely be the softest brushes you will ever use! So soft in fact you can use them post procedure without any irritation. They are fantastic for those with rosacea, acne, or any other type of skin sensitivity. You will never feel that poking or post itch you get from using natural hair brushes. The tips are velvet in texture, and grab and hold the minerals placing them exactly where you want instead of into the air or on your clothes.

You can also create more intense coverage with our Moist Method Application or learn the basics on our Flawless Face Technique page. They're easier to clean than natural hair, and after you use our brushes you'll never go back to even the softest Sable brush ever again. You really can tell a notable difference in softness.

Only one word to describe...FANTABULOUS! Don’t just take our word for it, Try one today!