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Using Mineral Makeup To Reduce Redness


Mineral Makeup Is Best For Covering Redness On The Face

This beauty tip is an add on to the tip of Reducing Facial Imperfections With Mineral Makeup.

When dealing with areas of redness on the face such as acne pimples or rosacea, using mineral makeup in the correct way will provide nice coverage and will reduce redness, helping your complexion look and feel restored and youthful once again.  Plus you enjoy the added bonus of reduction in irritation and light coverage so as not to further promote occlusion  of the skin which can promote more acne or the occasional pimple, and won't create aging of the skin.

The cheeks and nose area are usually where the most sun damage occurs over the years, and as we age even new bouts of rosacea have been known to occur on women after reaching peri-menopause.  Other skin conditions also afflict women after the age of 40 such as melasma and adult acne, so mineral makeup will be able to tone this down and reveal a healthier looking skin tone while soothing any irritation you might have.

Recommended brush for this application is our Chubby Blender! This brush will lay down a heavier application to the area.  Applying mineral makeup with the moist method applicaton technique will also increase coverage.  Once applied, feather out onto the face dispersing the application so as to soften the intensity and avoid demarcation of the area you wish to conceal.

For Example: If you use Adonia, our most popular shade, then reach for Fiorella.  If you use Amara, our second most popular shade, reach for Jennifer.  These two skin tones fall within the varying undertone and overtone shades of our faces. 

Now if you have beige Olive skin in the deeper tones such as Viviana or Hannah then reach for either Jennifer or Fiorella depending on what you wish to cover.  Bianca can also be used for this purpose on areas of the face that require additional softening and mild coverage if it is lighter than your Olive foundation shade.

Jennifer is great for redness and undereye coverage and Fiorella is perfect for dark undereye circles, yet will still cover redness.  Bianca is great as a very light beige Olive skin tone but we don't recommend it for for dark under eye circles, so reach for Jennifer instead, since Bianca can make them look more enhanced.

Case In Point: Best coverage for redness is served by using Jennifer or Fiorella and then followed up with your regular shade of mineral foundation.  It doesn't matter how dark your skin is, the two suggested shades can be adjusted with an overlay of the darker shade.

Remember you can also use our Mineral Base for lightening your foundation shade to perfection if not wishing to change the actual tonality you are completely happy with.

Now shade with bronzer or mineral blush as usual and see how much nicer your color will look when you can cover the signs of aging caused by acne, rosacea and sun damage.

Flawless and Timeless!